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Workforce is a term used to describe anyone who has the opportunity or ability to directly enable people to participate in sport or physical activity. This includes coaches and volunteers and leaders as well as front-line community leaders, health advisors, leisure- providers, charity workers, social workers, youth workers and other individuals engaging with the general public, either through physical activity and sport, or in another capacity.

Northamptonshire Workforce Framework

'Building A Workforce For A More Active Northamptonshire' sets out the future direction for workforce planning, development and investment across Northamptonshire. The plan will help to guide organisations in the county with their own workforce development plans and initiatives to create a fit for the future workforce within the context and aligned to the county Physical Activity and Sport Framework' - Northamptonshire More Active, More Often'.

The main purpose of the plan is to:

* Develop a more customer focussed motivated workforce which will improve the participants experience of physical activity.

* Develop a more diverse workforce with the competencies, behaviours and soft skills to engage more people from under-represented groups, particularly the priority groups identified in the county Physical Activity Framework.

* Develop a highly motivated competent professional workforce that can help to drive participation levels.

* Change the culture and perception of the workforce working within the sport sector.

* Develop a countywide approach to developing the workforce providing clear evidence and impact driven outcomes.

The plan outlines three strategic priorities which aims to place the needs and motivations of the least active at the heart of all practice.

We have funding available to help us meet the ambition of a more diverse workforce:

1) INSPIRING Bursary Scheme - for individuals looking to lead or support sport or physical activity sessions for adults.

2) Workforce Diversity Fund - for organisations that are working with a group of coaches that can be supported to lead or support sport or physical activity sessions for adults.


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