Northamptonshire Sport leads on getting more people to be more physically active or participating in a sport in the county. This is our fundamental role and constitutes the 'day job', supporting district/borough authorities, voluntary sector organisations, charities, HE/FE, health and many others in reducing inactivity and increasing participation. More specifically we are focused on reaching the least active, especially those in groups where significant inequalities exist.

Active Partnerships (formally County Sport Partnerships) are a key component part of Sport England's current Strategy (2017-21) to deliver increases in activity. In the context of the national strategic landscape Northamptonshire Sport led the development of a "Framework for Physical Activity and Sport for Northamptonshire" on behalf of the local authorities in Northamptonshire and the Northamptonshire Health and Wellbeing Board. This framework reflects the national strategic picture in the context of the particular needs of Northamptonshire as a county.

Our work in Schools

Northamptonshire Sport is the strategic lead for PE and School Sport across the county, striving to link schools with local community sport providers, National Governing Bodies of sport and other national partners. Through the delivery of programmes such as the School Games and Satellite Clubs, managing the county School Swimming Service, support of the Active Lives Survey and the PE and Sport Premium Funding, sports leadership opportunities and teacher training, Northamptonshire Sport champions the positive impact that inclusive physical education, physical activity and school sport can play in the lives of children and young people. Our ambition is to ensure all children and young people in Northamptonshire achieve 60 active minutes every day.

Our work in Communities

We are passionate about making sure that everyone across our county has the same access to physical activity and sports opportunities, to protect their health, well-being and life chances. But unfortunately there are stubborn inequalities in some communities limiting access to opportunities and services, and and we know that inequality gap is set to widen even further as a result of COVID-19.

In our fight against inactivity, we are working closely with some of more deprived communities and have adopted a place based approach, trying get a granular understanding of the people, the place and the barriers they face. By supporting and empowering these communities we can help them to best utilise their local assets, using local knowledge and community engagement to devise local solutions that come from this approach.

As well as trying to make a difference in each hotspot, by influencing and capacity building, we are also trying to learn as much about the process; what works, what doesn't and why, and how might we do it better. Our Learning So Far is part of the journey.

We also work in collaboration with our local authority partners at district level to support and engage strategic partners, charities and community organisations to make sport and physical activity happen. Whilst also working across different sectors (i.e. planning, transport, environment, housing and health etc.,) to influence and use physical activity to address a broad range of wider priorities.

Developing the workforce is an integral part in this work; ensuring we have the right people with the right skills, competencies and understanding, in the right places to influence behaviour and help build more resilient habits among the least active. Building a Workforce for a More Active Northamptonshire (2019 - 2021) sets out the future direction for workforce planning, development and investment across Northamptonshire.

How we support Clubs and Organisations

Northamptonshire Sport help clubs and community organisations provide great experiences for their participants and workforce in high quality, safe and sustainable environments. To do this, we support:

  • Existing clubs, groups and organisations
  • Existing paid and volunteer workforce
  • New and emerging organisations catering for newly-active participants, in establishing customer-focused practices and well-managed environments and structures.
  • Working toward a more diverse paid and volunteer workforce to reflect the communities we work in.

How you can support Northamptonshire Sport

We have a range of Sponsorship and Partnership opportunities on offer throughout the year which offer a variety of benefits to your business.

The programmes and opportunities that we have available for sponsorship include, working with schools, workplaces and individuals, in addition to our prestigious Annual County Sports Awards. Each of our programme sponsorships are outlined in detail within this brochure, along with the specific sponsorship offer and the benefits to the sponsor.

All Sponsors will receive the opportunity to promote their offers or products to our customer base through our main Northamptonshire Sport e-newsletter (10,000 recipients) up to 4 times a year.

If you would like to find out more about any of these opportunities or to get involved, please contact:

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