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Northampton and Daventry Based Schools

Northamptonshire Sport recently surveyed 1800 Teenagers across Northamptonshire. Across Northamptonshire 36% of students identified increasing Mental Health was a reason they want to be more active

Across Northampton and Daventry this rose to 45% of students identifying increasing Mental Health was a reason they want to be more active.

Using Satellite Clubs funding, Northamptonshire Sport would like to fund and help you with the creation of a new physical activity after school club within your school. This club will aim to provide new opportunities for teenagers identified with mental health issues to increase their levels of physical activity in a safe and suitable surrounding.

We will work with key partners to provide sessions delivered by Northampton Town Football in the Community Trust, Service Six and the School Nursing Team to make this happen.

For more information please read the attached letter and if you are interested still you can complete the application form here. A paper copy for your interest is attached also.

Look forward to hearing any questions.


01604 366 976

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