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The Workforce Diversity Fund

Northamptonshire's coaching and volunteering workforce lacks diversity and is not reflective of the least active communities we need to engage. There are fewer women, a smaller proportion of people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities, and fewer individuals with a limiting disability or from lower socio-economics groups involved in the workforce.

Developing a more diverse workforce is a key priority for the county, as identified in the Northamptonshire Workforce Plan: Building a Workforce for a More Active Northamptonshire 2019 - 21

Through Sport England Investment, Northamptonshire Sport has launched a new Diversity Workforce Fund to support organisations in Northamptonshire develop a more diverse coaching and volunteer workforce.

Who Can Apply?

Any organisation in Northamptonshire who is planning to recruit or upskill a diverse coaching or volunteer workforce from under-represented groups.

We welcome applications from organisations that can demonstrate that they will impact on participation levels among adult beginners and the least-active communities including those with limiting disabilities and from lower socio-economic groups.

Example organisations include; NGB's, sports clubs, district and borough council's, trusts, community organisations, charities and other third sector and not-for-profit organisations.

Who cannot apply?

  • Individuals
  • Private sector or commercial organisations
  • Organisations outside Northamptonshire

Diversity Fund Outcomes

  • A more diverse and inclusive workforce is created and developed through a targeted approach and partnership working.
  • Knowledge, skills, policies and practices are improved in order to address inequalities, barriers or challenges for under-represented groups.

What will the Diversity Fund support?

The fund will part-fund a project that includes:

  • Education and training to up-skill volunteers and coaches as sport & physical activity coaches, activators & leaders (including tutor costs, resources, venue hire etc)
  • Innovative recruitment strategies
  • Targeted marketing and promotion
  • Mentoring support and ongoing development
  • A new initiative working with a range of partners to reach the target audience and engage them in volunteering or coaching

How much can an organisation apply for?

One off grants of up to £500 per organisation are available through the fund.

Is partnership funding required?

Organisations do not have to provide partnership funding, but they will need to demonstrate 'In-Kind' contribution towards the project and value for money.

Dates for applications are as follows:

Round 1 : Closes on Sunday 15th September 2019

Round 2 : Closes on Sunday 1st December 2019

Round 3: Closes on Sunday 15th March 2020

Applications must be received prior to the start of courses. For example, if your coaches and volunteers are attending a course on Monday 2nd December, your application must be received prior to this in round 1 or 2.

What happens once you submit your application?

  • An independent panel will meet within 2 weeks of the closing date of each round.
  • Each application will be scored based on the quality of application and the aims and objective's of the Diversity Workforce Funding .
  • Applicants will receive email correspondence notifying them of the panel decision.
  • If successful, further information about how to claim and provide monitoring will be sent out in due course.

Take a look at our example form to help you as a guide:


If you are interested in coaching or leading younger people aged 14-19 , take a look at our Satellite Club's pages to find out about additional project support on offer.


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