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See Active Be Active Film Collection

This collection of short films features disabled people from Northamptonshire who are already physically active and enjoy the benefits of doing so. In the films they are seen taking part in their activity of choice and talking about why they enjoy it so much. The aim of these films is to help inspire other disabled people from around the county and country to get active by seeing other people like them already doing so.

Kascie's Film

This film features Kascie Higgins who has Cerebral Palsy and loves playing wheelchair rugby. It shows him training with his teammates at Northampton Saints and talking about the difference it's made to his life which is why he would encourage other people to get involved in playing it too.

Kian's Film

This film shows Kian Saville training with his club at Daventry Dolphins and talking about all of the benefits that swimming has brought to his life which is why he'd like to encourage other people to do it too. Kian has experienced a number of health conditions including a brain tumour which has affected his ability to see properly, but this hasn't prevented him from swimming to a very high level and coaching other people to do it as well.

Carole's Film

This film features Carole James who has got a long term health condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and as a result uses a wheelchair to get around in everyday life as well as for participating in physical activity. In the film Carole is seen completing the Northampton parkrun in her day chair, talking about how she's got involved in wheelchair racing as well as para – triathlons and the positive difference it's made to her life as a result of doing so.

Ellie – Bea's film

Ellie – Bea Thomas loves gymnastics and is seen in this film training at the Lings Gymnastics Sports Academy. She talks about why she likes gymnastics so much and why other disabled people should get involved in it whether they've got Down's Syndrome like her, or any other impairment.


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