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Sports Crew Day 2016

What is Sports Crew Day 2016?

Sports Crew Days 2016 plans to continue on the great successes of its previous days in 2014 and 2015. Set at new venue of Kings Park Conference Centre, the School Sports Partnership will again deliver two days of leadership training on Monday 25th and Thursday 28th April to Year 5 pupils from primary schools in the South Northants and Daventry districts.

The theme of the days this year focuses around supporting schools to create more structured lunchtimes by setting up Sports Crew-led lunchtime physical activity clubs. Numerous studies have shown the impact physical activity can have on pupils concentration, attainment and mood and Sports Crew Days 2016 plans to support schools by helping them further develop their student workforce.

How many children can attend the day?

Each attending school can bring along 4 children to make up their Crew. We encourage schools to bring along Year 5 children along to ensure a lasting legacy of the Crew in the new academic year.

Each Crew must have a supervising adult with them. Schools are encouraged to send along a member of staff who will support the Crew back in school and act as their Club Mentor.

As part of the day, this member of staff will undertake a series of CPD workshops looking at how they can effectively mentor the Sports Crew and how they can support Level 1 competition in school (practical session).

What will the Crews learn on the day?

Building on feedback from previous years, the Sports Crew Day 2016 will provide children to work as a group in a number of specifically planned workshops, such as:

  • Club Creators - The Sports Crew will have the task of branding their own physical activity club for their school. They will have to come up with the name, design their logo, decide on their target audience and plan their own 'launch event' to deliver back at school.
  • Club Champions - Under the expert guidance of Northamptonshire Sport's Lead on Children's Active Lifestyles Simon Fowler, the Crews will explore what a session looks like, understand how to structure their own club sessions as well as delivering their own sessions for their peers. They will use their creativity to adapt activities and also explore how communication is key to engaging the club members.
  • Come and Compete - Led by the supervising adults, the Crews will undertake a variety of mini-skill based competitions. With the focus of the session on identifying activities they can deliver at school, the children will evaluate the activities and consider how they could deliver them at school.
  • Establishing and Embedding - The Crews will present their ideas for the club to their supervising adults. With support, they will then complete their Club Delivery Plan outlining how they will run their 'launch event'

How much does it cost to attend Sports Crew Day 2016?

Each School Place (4 children and 1 adult) costs £125. This includes Sports Crew t-shirts for the children, a six-week programme of activities and additional activity cards along with stickers and certificate and register templates.

How do I book a place?

Schools wishing to attend either of the Sports Crew Days 2016 can book their place by selecting one of the following booking forms and completing the booking form at the foot of the page:

Sports Crew Day 2016 - Monday 25th April

Sports Crew Day 2016 - Thursday 28th April

By completing the booking form, schools are committing to attend the day and will be invoiced for £125 following the event. Schools are welcome to book more than one place if they would like to attend with additional children.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding Sports Crews or Sports Crew Day 2016, please feel free to contact David Hanson at dhanson@northamptonshire.gov.uk.


01604 366 976

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