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Sports Crew 2018

Following a number of years running the Sports Crew Leadership Day at Moulton College after Easter, we want to evaluate the programme and explore a potential new model for delivering our Primary Leadership offer across the District.

In order to best meet the needs of our schools, we are asking schools to kindly complete this short consultation survey to help us plan ahead for later this year.

All schools who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw to receive an afternoon coaching experience delivered by one of Northamptonshire Sport's very own senior coaches.

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Sports Crew 2018 Consultation Survey

Sports Crew 2018 Options

This year, we are proposing three models to deliver our Primary Leadership offer:

OPTION 1: Sports Crew Leadership Day - a series of sports leadership workshops delivered throughout the day hosted at a new venue. Aimed at groups of four Year 5 pupils and delivered at the start of the Summer term.

OPTION 2: Sports Crew Leadership Academy (Cross-District) - a number of twilight sports leadership sessions (approx 1.5hrs each) delivered at different secondary school/club venues across South Northants and Daventry. Schools commit to travel to the different session host venues.

OPTION 3: Sports Crew Leadership Academy (Hub Sites) - Up to three secondary schools would be selected as Hub sites which would deliver the full Academy programme. Schools commit to attend each session at the Hub site.

Sports Crew Workshops

Each year, we try to cover a range of leadership skills and foci during the day. We also try to include practical elements as well.

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Active 30 Festivals

As part of our evaluation of the Sports Crew training, we are proposing running a number of Active 30 Festivals across the district later this year. These festivals would be delivered by Sports Crew leaders, applying the skills learnt during their training.

Next Steps

Based on the feedback of schools, we will try to proceed with the option that best suits our district schools. The following information will help us in sourcing appropriate venues.

Thank you for completing the Sports Crew consultation form. If you wish to be entered into the Prize Draw for a free coaching experience, please enter you email address below.


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