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Latest Sports News from across the Schools

Level 2 Secondary Badminton Competition

Fri, 06 Jan 2017 13:06

On Monday 28th November 2016 Northampton Academy hosted the Year 7/8/9 Girls and Boys and Year 10/11 Girls and Boys Badminton competition. This competition was a qualifier for the Level 3 Winter School Games

Year 7/8/9 Girls Results

  1. NSG*
  2. Northampton Academy

Year 7/8/9 Boys Results

  1. NSB*
  2. St. Peters
  3. Abbeyfield

Year 9/10 Girls Results

  1. NSG*
  2. Northampton Academy

Year 9/10 Boys Results

  1. NSB*
  2. Northampton Academy

* Schools qualify for the Level 3 School Games

NPAT Cluster Update - Term 2

Tue, 20 Dec 2016 11:03

Another busy term for the NPAT schools. With Young Leaders all trained it was time to see them in action - I had a wonderful few lunchtimes popping into schools to see first hand the work they are doing. It has been so encouraging to see how well organised they have all been, the impact on the students they are working with is very clear to see, with fantastic amounts of activity on offer during the break/lunchtimes at each school. This term also saw great participation in the Pre-Level 2 competition practices and Year 5 Multisport Festival (where the childrens behaviour was exemplary when hit with a arctic storm on the rubber crumb!). With the competition calender in full swing, it is great to see so many of our cluster schools regularly coming in the top 3! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Emily Carter-Morris, SSCo

Kingsthorpe College Cluster - Term 2 Update

Fri, 16 Dec 2016 08:33

This term kicked off with a New Age Kurling session! Schools from across the cluster went along to Bridgewater Primary and took part in a coaching session followed by a mini competition. For many of the pupils it was their first experience of the sport and they all loved it! All Saints Primary ordered themselves a New Age Kurling set for school they enjoyed it so much! Most of the teams went on to compete in the Level 2 competition and I am delighted to announce that Parklands Primary did brilliantly and are now progressing to the Level 3 Winter School Games!

Our Cluster have been working hard on their Gymnastics this term preparing for the Year 5/6 and the Y3/4 Level 2 Gymnastics competitions. All the schools that competed in the Y5/6 competition on 9th November did really well. Bridgewater came 4th, only just missing out on qualifying for the Level 3 School Games. Well done to all the gymnasts involved, and good luck to the Y3/4 gymnasts competing in January!

Kingsthorpe College run Multisport Festivals every term for the cluster primary schools. The Multisport Festivals are run by Young Leaders from Kingsthorpe College and they provide a fun and informal setting for children to take part in a variety of sports. A new group of 20 Year 7/8 students were trained up as Young Leaders in November and they worked hard to plan their first event which was a Year 5 Multisport Festival. They were absolutely fantastic and we were really impressed at their confidence and organisational skills! The 75 Year 5 children that attended the event had a brilliant time!

Alex Bennett, SSCo

Northampton Academy Cluster - Term 2 Update

Fri, 16 Dec 2016 08:23

Another busy term once again for the Northampton Academy Cluster with lots of Level 2 Competitions, Young Leader training, Year 5 Multisport Festival and Pre Level 2 Practice sessions.

Most schools have now received their Young Leaders training and have been busy planning and delivering sessions at lunchtimes for their children. I had the pleasure of going into Blackthorn Academy to watch the Year 5 Young Leaders delivering a multiskills session to a Year 2 class. The Leaders were great and delivered a fun and exciting session to the children.

I can't wait to start going into schools after christmas to see them all in action at lunchtimes!!

The Northampton Academy Leadership Students held another fun Multisport Festival for Year 5 pupils in our cluster. The Leaders planned and delivered some exciting activities which included Athletics, Football, Tag Rugby, Rounders and Multiskills. The Year 5 pupils were mixed with other schools which gave them an opportunity to develop their confidence and to make new friends. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the activities and it was such a pleasure to see so many smiley, happy and excited children taking part in physical activity. The teachers were full of praise and commented that they were so impressed with some of their pupils who they thought would not engage in the activities.

Some of our schools came to Northampton Academy for the Pre-Level 2 New Age Kurling practice session. We had a great afternoon and it was brilliant to watch the children practice and work on their skills. Feedback I have received was very positive, the children had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed the session, it gave schools the chance to prepare for the competition the following week.

We have more exciting events taking place next term including a Year 4 Multisport Festival which will again be delivered by the amazing Young Leaders at Northampton Academy. We also have the Pre-Level 2 Sportshall Athletics practice session at Northampton Academy, to prepare for the highly competitive Level 2 competition at the end of January!

Hannah Henry, SSCo

Level 2 Inclusive Sitting Volleyball Competition

Wed, 14 Dec 2016 15:40

On Tuesday 6th December the Partnership hosted its first ever primary Inclusive Sitting Volleyball Competition at Lings Forum Leisure Centre. Northamptonshire's Inclusive School Games Competition programme provides an opportunity for SEND (special educational needs or disabilities) pupils to compete alongside mainstream peers in the same team and in the same competition. In Inclusive competitions, a minimum of 50% of the team must be comprised of pupils with SEND. At this competition we far exceeded this with many school choosing to use this competition as an opportunity to engage pupils who may not otherwise get the chase to present their school, as other competitions are not suitable for them.

This Level 2 competition was a qualifying event for the Level 3 Winter School Games which take place in February 2017. On the day of the competition each partnership was allowed to progress just one team, but due to the demand and number of schools entering this competition across the county, the decision has been taken to increase this to 2 teams per partnership.

Thanks to Daniel Thompson from Volleyball England who came and helped deliver the competition.


1st: Lings Primary*

2nd: Abington Vale Primary*

3rd: Ecton Brook Primary

*Qualify for the Level 3 School Games

Level 2 Year 5/6 Swimming Gala

Wed, 14 Dec 2016 11:04

On Thursday 1st December 2016 Northampton School for Boys hosted the annual Partnership Level 2 Year 5/6 Swimming Gala. The event was again supported and delivered by Northampton Swimming Club, whose volunteers provide expert officiating to imitate a high quality swimming gala experience for all those who participated.

With 16 teams competing at one competition it was by far our biggest ever swimming gala, and the quality of the gala was also of the highest level for many years.

The winners and runners up of this event will now proceed to a standalone Level 3 School Games Swimming Gala in June 2017 – so plenty of time to practice!


1st: Weston Favell Primary*

2nd: Millway Primary*

3rd: Bridgewater Primary

*Qualify for Level 3 School Games

Level 2 New Age Kurling Competition

Wed, 16 Nov 2016 10:52

On Tuesday 15th November 2016 thirteen schools participated in the Level 2 School Games Inclusive New Age Kurling Competition. The Northamptonshire Inclusive competition programme provides an opportunity for SEND (special educational needs or disabilities) pupils to compete alongside mainstream peers in the same team and in the same competition. A minimum of 50% of the team must be pupils with SEND. Over the last couple of years the Inclusive competition programme has gone from strength to strength engaging more young people in competitive sport than ever before. An incredible 88% of those participating in the competition were SEND pupils – the greatest attendance we have had at a Partnership competition.

This competition was no exception. The quality of the competition was outstanding, with each and every school demonstrating many of the Spirit of the Games values; Self-Belief, Honesty, Teamwork, Determination, Respect and Passion.

As this was a Level 2 School Games competition the winners of the competition will now proceed to the Level 3 Winter School Games in February 2017.


1st: Parklands Primary School*

2nd: Abington Vale Primary

3rd: Lings Primary

*Qualify for Level 3 School Games

Level 2 Yr 5/6 Gymnastics Competition

Thu, 10 Nov 2016 15:49

On Wednesday 9th November 2016, 23 teams from across the partnership took part in the Year 5/6 Key Steps Gymnastics Competition at Kingsthorpe College and The Duston School. Those participating in the competition have a series of routines to practice and remember off by heart before performing them in front of a number of judges. The Judges, young leaders from both Kingsthorpe College and The Duston School, undertook a training workshop in advance of the competition, to adequately prepare them to be able to confidently and competently judge the routines to a high standard.

Throughout the year the partnership run three levels of competition and each and every one of them is highly contended – the effort and determination that is invested in the gymnastics to prepare them for these competitions is second to none, which subsequently always results in an exceptionally high quality competition.

As a Level 3 qualifying event the partnership is able to put forward two schools to represent it at the standalone Level 3 School Games event in May 2017.

Thanks to Kingsthorpe College and The Duston School for preparing their leaders and allowing the partnership to utilise their facilities and equipment.


1st: Abington Vale Primary*

2nd: Ecton Brook Primary*

3rd: Lings Primary

*Qualify for the Level 3 School Games


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