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Are you a Capoeira Teacher?!

Thu, 16 Nov 2017 08:49

Are you, or do you know of anyone that performs Capoeira? We have had an enquiry from a primary school as they are starting a topic on 'Brazil' in the new year and would like an activity to capture the children's' imagination?!

If you do have a contact who may be interested and available to teach a lesson in a Northamptonshire Primary School, please get in touch:


NPAT & Academy Clusters - Term 1 update

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 10:44

It has been a very busy term with all schools having completed their Young Leaders Training; approximately 300 Year 5/6 pupils were trained in just a 7 week period.

A huge 'Thank You' to all the Year 2 pupils who acted as guinea pigs for us, they did an incredible job and the leaders really appreciated being able to put the new skills they learnt during their training into practice in the afternoon.

I have seen some exceptional young leaders emerge from the training and I am excited about what I will see when I return tot he schools to conduct the Young Leaders Review.

Unfortunately the Year 3 Multisport Festival was postponed due to anticipated bad weather (which never materialised!) but will be re-arranged shortly.

I have met with quite a few schools regarding their Sports Premium plans and again it is really exciting to see the innovative ideas that schools are developing to provide a broader range of opportunities, or engage the least active pupils or structuring being put into place to support a young leader workforce.

8 schools attended the Pre-Level 2 New Age Kurling practice which involved a combination of 4 skills stations and then a series of friendly competitions against the other schools. It was great to see pupils enjoying the experience so much and taking away from it new skills, which I hope they will remember to use in the Level 2 New Age Kurling competition on the 7th November!

Natalie Lawrence, SSCo (stand in!)

Secondary Sports Leaders put through their paces

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 10:38

On Friday 13th October 2017, 58 Sports Leaders from Abbeyfield School, Malcolm Arnold Academy, Northampton Academy, Northampton School for Girls and Northampton International Academy descended on Grendon Outdoor Learning Centre. This hailed the first of two Secondary Sports Leaders Conferences to take place this academic year. The Sports Leaders who were selected by their schools will all at some stage this academic year undertake an Officiating qualification to support the delivery of a Level 2 School Games Competition. It was therefore important to work with the leaders to strengthen their ability to work as a team and to challenge their thinking on how they could better communicate with each other and staff and pupils who will access the Level 2 School Games Competitions they will be tasked in running. These areas were developed through their participation in series of Instructor led activities

High Ropes Course - promoted trust within their group of peers and self-belief they would achieve the challenge

Swamps Course – working with their peers to solve problems and providing the necessary support and guidance in ensuring all the group achieved the given tasks

Effective Communications workshop – pupils were challenged over the types of communication which could be used, how they could better communicate instructions to those they are working within or within a team or leaders and how they can communicate encouragement and praise to those they are working with.

Each school has been allocated a series of Officiating workshops which their leaders will now undertake to adequately prepare them for the Level 2 School Games Competitions. The second Sports Leaders conference will take place in the spring term and will focus on how activity sessions can be planned and delivered effectively.

Student Aspiration Squad Project hailed a great success

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 09:29

The Student Aspiration Squad Project, or SAS Project, has been delivered by the Northampton School Sports Partnership for many years now. The primary purpose of the project is to provide opportunities for Year 6 pupils who will transition to Secondary School in September 2018, and who are deemed by staff at their school to need some support to successfully achieve this. The sessions within the SAS Project expose these pupils to challenge their own self-belief, their confidence and their ability to work in a team and solve problems and achieve tasks. Every single pupils involved in this years project achieve and experienced success in a small or more significant way. The activity session included

Pinnacle Climbing Centre - pupils had to work in pairs to safely climb a bouldering wall

Grendon Outdoors Centre - pupils had to master the smelly and slimy swamps course and overcome their fears on the low ropes course

Ten Pin Bowling - pupils had to show composure and determination to take on their peers and teachers!

Orienteering - pupils were first tasked some team building games working with pupils from others schools. Next they were sent into the woods to navigate their way round the Orienteering Curse whilst answering a series of tricky numeracy questions.

Year 4/5/6 Able & Talented Multiskill Academy Report

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 09:23

Tuesday 24th October 2017

Activity 1: Dessert Island

Teacher in Charge: Steve

Pupils were split into groups of 10/11 and given 3 large hoops and a rubber discus. They were tasked with getting their whole team across the river without losing a limb or being eaten by the crocodiles! Some of the groups worked exceptionally well together, however none of them really discussed a solution prior to crossing the river, instead they just got on with the task. Their equipment was then reduced to 2 large hoops and a rubber discus; the groups really struggled to work as a team to find a solution and instead decided to cheat, scuttling the hoop long the floor with people inside. The group were asked how it would have been quicker to achieve the given objective and only one girls giving the correct answer – move people across in small numbers and then someone back each time with the equipment to collect more people.

Multi-ability cogs: Social, Cognitive, Creative

Activity 2 & 3: Tag Rugby (all pupils)

Teacher in charge: Doug Bridgeman (Inspire2Excel Ltd)

Session objectives

1) Introduce the pupils to Touch Rugby through a series of skill based activities

2) Provide pupils with a learning environment to enhance; throwing/catching skills, hand and eye coordination and foot patterning

3) Conclude the session with small sided competitive games where players are rewarded for skill application

Whilst the majority of pupils have experienced Tag Rugby through curriculum provision or extra-curricular programme the purpose of today's sessions was to focus on the release of the ball; accuracy, speed and direction and the quality in receiving the ball. At the s tart of the session the coach outlined the core values on Rugby and asked that these be applied throughout the session; Teamwork, Respect, Discipline, Enjoyment & Sportsmanship.

The session made steady progress by starting with simple passing drills, to small sided passing games, to Rugby Netball games and finally concluding with 7-a-side Tag Rugby games. All the pupils demonstrated a huge amount of effort throughout the session, and you could see their determination to improve their skills and succeed in the games competitive games.

Multi-ability cogs: Social, Cognitive, Creative, Physical

Activity 2: Multi-abilities Assessment (Year 4's & new Year 5's)

Teacher in charge: Steve / Andy

1) To determine at what level on the multi-abilities spectrum new recruits are currently working at – use info as a baseline measurement for final assessment

Many primary schools in Northampton and across Northamptonshire have adopted the Real PE product, and the product is endorsed by Northamptonshire Sport.

The real PE programme provides fun and simple to follow Schemes of Work and support for Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 practitioners that give them the confidence and skills to deliver outstanding PE. It is fully aligned to the new National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements and focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning through a unique and market leading approach to teaching and learning in PE.

The assessment was a fairly informal process and involved personal and peer assessment. Pupils were given a set of real PE FUN's cards that increased in difficulty, and pupils were asked to independently work their way through the cards, but to be honest with themselves when they thought their limits had been reached – as staff we always toil with if this is the best way to deliver this element of the programme but go with the approach that children have to at some stage start to process information for themselves and to learn to be honest with themselves.

Multi-ability cogs: Personal, Social, Cognitive, Creative and Physical

Activity 3: Kabaddi & New Age Kurling (Year 6's and some Year 5's)

Teacher in charge: Natalie

Session objectives

1) Introduce pupils to less common sports

2) Provide pupils with the ability to draw from a resource the rules of the game

3) Conclude the session with the pupils playing larger sided games

The pupils were split into 4 groups and each group was given a resource sheet introducing them to the sport of Kabaddi. The group were tasked with reading the information sheet and abstracting the principles and rules of the game and then working as a team to convert them into a functional game. The groups worked particularly well to achieve this within a relatively short time. The groups demonstrated their underrating of the rules, and despite them all have the same information they interpreted them all slightly differently. The groups were combined to make just two larger groups – they had to discuss the benefits of each game and decide on one game and decide how they would make it work now they were part of a bigger group. Whilst one of the groups had to battle with pupils not happy to be sitting out and only being substituted in the other group were creative enough to use a bigger area and split th e group into small groups to ensure everyone was involved all the time.

It was great to see the pupils working so collaboratively to achieve the desired outcomes and they remained on task throughout the session, drawing in things they had learnt from the tag rugby sessions and session from last year's programme.

Pupils were introduced to New Age Kurling and some simple rules to enable them to play a series of games. Each game lasted 4 ends and the tension and excitement increased with every game they played!!! At the start of the games the pupils aired on the side of caution and didn't really consider tactically how to win the game. However this became more evident the more games they played and they were some superb shots played to win valuable points.

Multi-ability cogs: Social, Cognitive, Creative


I am always a little nervous on the first day of the Multiskill Academy, with a new cohort of pupils to integrate to the programme, and to ensure the sessions are pitched to a level that provide adequate challenge yet provide an environment that is enjoyable and will allow pupils to feel comfortable to learn from making mistakes.

I have little to worry about as the pupils in this year cohort were superb and all the staff came away from the session feeling a sense of achievement and satisfied that all of today's session objectives were met. The work and effort put in by the pupils goes a long way to achieving this.

Sadly we say goodbye to Steve Jones today, who will be leaving Northamptonshire Sport for a new position as Senior Lecturer at the University of Northampton. However I have made it clear that Steve would be welcome back at any session has he has played an integral part in shaping the programme and providing support, direction and training to all staff he has worked with. Thanks Steve for your contributions

Ecton Brook pupils get to grips with Sailing

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 09:13

Ecton Brook Primary School have developed a new partnership with Northampton Sailing Club to enable a group of pupils to access weekly Sailing tuition from a number of their experienced and knowledgeable sailing instructors.

The group have been going for 6 weeks now, but after just 2 weeks there was a really positive shift on their aspiration to achieve and the belief in themselves that despite having never been exposed to this activity before they could, if they listen well to the instructions and out aside any fears make quick progress and achievements.

The group of pupils have shown really team work, supporting each other and working tirelessly as a team to get their boats sailing across the reservoir! They have all experienced a great sense of achievement, and with another 6 weeks of tuition after half term who knows what they can achieve by the end of the programme!

Secondary School Games Competition Results - Term 1

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 09:06

The following Level 2 School Games Competitions took place during Term 1 and the results are as follows

Year 7 5-a-side Girls Football Competition

1st: The Duston School*

2nd: Malcolm Arnold Academy

3rd: Abbeyfield School

Year 7 Boys 5-a-side Football Competition

1st: NSB*

2nd: Northampton Academy

3rd: Abbeyfield School

* Schools qualify for the ESFA U12 Regional Indoor Competition

Primary School Games Competition Results - Term 1

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 08:57

The following Level 2 School Games competitions have taken place during Term 1 and the results are as follows

Year 5/6 Girls 7-a-side Football Competition

  1. The Good Shepherd Primary School*
  2. Millway Primary School*
  3. Thorplands Primary School

* Schools qualify for the Level 3 School Games

Year 5/6 Open 7-a-side Football Competition

The final was postponed due to a clash of fixtures with NTSSF so will now be played in November 2017. The finalist are;

Abington Vale Primary School

Standens Barn Primary School

St. Luke's Primary School

St. James Primary School

The Good Shepherd Primary School

Boothville Primary School

Spring Lane Primary School

Simon De Senlis Primary School

Year 3/4 Multisport Festival

Tue, 31 Oct 2017 19:42

On Wednesday 4th October 2017 the Partnership hosted its first ever Year 3/4 Multisport School Games Festival. In September 2017 a series of new school games pathways were launched to increase the number of young people experiencing competition.

A School Games Festival is an inter school occasion which includes a rotation of skill based activities which challenge young people to achieve their personal best e.g. jumping, throwing, catching, skipping, racket skills, combat, adventure, target themed.

The festival was hosted at Benham Sports Arena with more than 300 young people participating. The pupils rotated a series of sport specific stations; each station challenged pupils with s skill linked to that sport

New Age Kurling - Crazy Grids

Arrows Archery - On Target

Athletics - Track & Field Frenzy

Boccia - Ready...Steady...Throw

Tri-Golf - A Putt above the rest

There was some great feedback from both pupils and staff - many of the pupils who attended had never represented their school in a sports event before.

Kings Meadow School thrilled to receive Premier League Primary Stars kit and equipment

Tue, 31 Oct 2017 19:38

Pupils and staff from Kings Meadow School in Moulton, are celebrating after being awarded a Premier League Primary Stars kit and equipment pack.

The pack contains eleven shirts, shorts and socks, and will be used by the pupils when representing their school in team events.

The Kit and Equipment Scheme forms part of the Premier League Primary Stars offer to primary schools in England and Wales. This is a curriculum-linked education programme that uses the appeal of the Premier League and its clubs to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills.

Delivered by the Football Foundation, the Premier League Primary Stars Kit and Equipment Scheme gives teachers a range of equipment that can be used across different curriculum areas to get children active.

Also available is a free downloadable suite of resources for teachers across Key Stages 1 and 2 in English, Maths, PE and PSHE. The easy-to-use materials have been developed in partnership with education organisations including the National Literacy Trust and the PSHE Association.

Mathematician Rachel Riley and children's authors Cressida Cowell and Dan Freedman also helped to create the teaching packs, which use real life sport examples to put lessons into a relevant and engaging context for children.

Richard Scudamore, Executive Chairman of the Premier League and Football Foundation Trustee, said: "Congratulations to Kings Meadow School on their successful application for a Premier League Primary Stars Kit and Equipment pack. We hope this kit, coupled with the free downloadable online resources, will help teachers harness the popularity of football to inspire primary school kids in everything from Maths and English to teamwork and sport."


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