Referral Pathways

Guidance documents for the countywide exercise referral pathways, including the Activity on Referral scheme (AOR) and the Cancer Exercise Referral Pathway (We CAN-Move)

This page covers provides all the relevant documents and guidance to make a referral to the two countywide exercise referral pathways; The Activity on Referral Scheme and Cancer Exercise Referral Pathway.

The Activity on Referral Scheme (AOR)

The Activity on Referral Scheme (AOR) is a countywide scheme which helps people living with long term health conditions increase their levels of physical activity in a safe and structured environment, which will help them better manage their condition. The service provides health screening; advice and access to exercise and is led by highly qualified exercise professionals.

How does it work? A health professional or Social Prescribing Link Worker can refer a patient on to the scheme, completing a Referral Form. The patient can take part in the scheme at any of the AOR accredited site where a qualified exercise professional will prescribe a personal exercise programme for the patient and support them in getting active.

Who is it for? The AOR is intended for people who are:

  • Over 16.
  • Have a recurring illness or chronic medical condition, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, joint, muscle and mobility conditions, mental health problems, pulmonary or cardiovascular disease.
  • Currently inactive i.e. doing less than 30mins of moderate intensity exercise per week.

All the relevant documents to make a referral can be found below, including: the AOR Guide for Health Professionals, Referral Criteria, Patient Information Leaflet, Referral Form the list of Accredited AOR Sites and How to Make a Referral

Text on Referral

Trilogy who operate the AOR scheme in Northampton have develop a 'Text on Referral' process with a number of GP practices in Northampton. This fairly new system which requires minimal resource from the practice but provides patients with a quicker easier access to the AOR service at the Trilogy sites. For more information see AOR Text on Referral Practice Guide and AOR Text on Referral Practice Website Information or contact

The Cancer Exercise Referral Pathway (We CAN-Move)

The Cancer Exercise Referral Pathway, which has been named 'We CAN-Move' is a part of the Personalised Care and Support which offers a programme of exercise with specialist advice and expertise. The scheme aims to introduce cancer patients and survivors to the benefits of regular physical activity in order to aid their recovery.

There are a number of key opportunities for intervening with cancer survivors, to increase uptake of physical activity, before, during and after treatment. By integrating physical activity promotion into the cancer care pathway, health professionals can help to maximise the potential for physical activity to improve health and quality of life for people living with and beyond cancer.

Who is it for? This pathway is intended for people who are:

  • Over 16.
  • Have been diagnosed with Cancer and is either waiting for treatment, having treatment or recovering from treatment.

See the Cancer Exercise Referral Pathway guide for more information.

To make a referral the patient will require a copy of their Patient Treatment Summary or a completed Cancer Exercise Referral Form.

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