Physical Activity During Pregnancy

Information and training for Maternal Lifestyle Practitioners

Physical Activity & Maternal Health Resources

The seminar, on the link below was held in April 2021 was hosted by the three NCSEM hubs and the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEM). It gaves an overview on the current physical activity recommendations during and after pregnancy. It also signposted to a comprehensive range of resources, programmes and initiatives that support physical activity behaviour in this context.

NCSEM and FSEM seminar: Physical activity and maternal health - NCSEM-EM (

E-Learning Resources:

The free e-learning modules about the benefits of physical activity can be found on Health Education England's 'e-LfH portal'. There are 11 modules focusing on physical activity for prevention and management, with the suite also including a pregnancy and postnatal module developed in partnership with 'ukactive'.

Moving Medicines Website:

The 'Moving Medicine' website provides an innovative evidence-based online tool which was developed in consultation with over 600 professionals and provides HCPs with conversation guides, ranging from one minute, five minutes and plus, to help patients with long term conditions incorporate physical activity into their everyday life.

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