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Safeguarding Adults in Sport During Coronavirus

Posted: Wed, 06 May 2020 13:30

Safeguarding Adults in Sport During Coronavirus

As well as the everyday challenges that come with a pandemic, the Covid-19 has also given rise to some important adult safeguarding considerations.

Many adults that have care and support needs, live in residential or supported living environments. Attending their local sports group and socialising with other members may be the only social outlet they have. They will miss the social, physical and mental wellbeing benefits these clubs and groups provide.

Safeguarding leads, friends, coaches and volunteers within sports clubs and delivery organisations may also have concerns about their more vulnerable members. They may be considering different ways to keep in touch and ensure people are safe and well during this difficult times.

The Ann Craft Trust and Club Matters have teamed up to create a new guide for safeguarding adults in sport during the Covid-19 pandemic. It features hints, tips, and useful contacts to help everyone stay connected and stay active. Download the guide and share with others.

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