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Your life really changes when you become a new mummy….

Posted: Wed, 07 Aug 2019 13:00

Your life really changes when you become a new mummy….

A personal view on the difficulties of being an active mummy by Felicity Howlett

"When I was fortunate to fall pregnant with my little boy, I was determined to keep up the active lifestyle that was a huge part of my life. I was a keen CrossFitter (albeit not a particularly good one) at ShireFit and I enjoyed mountain biking, playing netball (in between injuries!) and the occasional bout of 'Insanity' home-workouts. I would participate in some form of activity four to five times per week and I loved how it made me feel, mentally and physically.

I kept going to ShireFit, for a while. I could scale-down the intensity, work at my own pace and still safely grow my little human under the watchful eye of the great coaches. Going to ShireFit allowed me to be 'me', and I could socialise with people I enjoyed training with. It was just what I needed. However, at 7.5 months pregnant, I realised that I would no longer be able to continue as I was. I was tiring quickly and my body told me to stop, so I did. At that time, I accepted that it was the right thing to do but vowed that I would be back in the gym in a matter of weeks after giving birth. Haha, who was I kidding?!

Fast forward to my little boy reaching 6 months old. There was an end to sleepless nights and the realisation that it was ok not to revolve every single minute of every single day to this little human that I simply adore. I was ready to get back to some frequent exercise and the 'Mum-Guilt' wasn't going to stop me any longer. So, having undergone physiotherapy with a Women's Health Physio and getting the 'ok' to return to exercise, I took the plunge and joined Active Mummies, an exercise group with prams, 'perfect', I thought. Whilst I was on the last part of my maternity leave, I attended every week at Abington Park and loved it. I also joined one of their Bootcamps which I went to alone and it was the superb outlet for us all. We were all in the same boat and we all encouraged each other to keep coming back.

I don't think I would be alone in feeling that it is difficult to prioritise yourself once you become a parent, especially, a working parent. However, since returning to work, I've started to go back to ShireFit each week and I am consciously making the effort to set aside time for myself to do home-workouts in the garage. I am slowly returning to a fitness level that I am happy with and I have almost created a routine that is manageable and flexible. I don't eat as healthily as I should because some days you just need that sugar fix and everything in moderation stands for my diet as well as my exercise! I believe that we often place huge pressure on ourselves to look or act a certain way and I think that the key to leading a healthy and happy lifestyle is finding a balance."

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