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Northamptonshire Sport Urges Everyone in the County to Do their Bit to Help Get More Disabled People Active on International Day of People With Disabilities!

Posted: Mon, 03 Dec 2018 11:15

Northamptonshire Sport Urges Everyone in the County to Do their Bit to Help Get More Disabled People Active on International Day of People With Disabilities!

Today is International Day of People With Disabilities and Northamptonshire Sport are using it to urge everyone in the county to do their bit to help get more disabled people active.

One in Five people in England has a disability, but they are currently half as likely as non – disabled people to even do the 30 minutes of moderately intense level of physical activity recommended by Public Health England required to be classed as active. However 70% of these people say that they'd like to be more active, but are prevented from doing so by barriers often put up by society.

Northamptonshire Sport's lead officer for disability development, Graeme Wilson explained more about International Day of People With Disabilities, the barriers faced by disabled people and some of the support available to improve this:

"International Day of People With Disabilities both celebrates the achievements of disabled people, but also recognises some of the many barriers still faced by them in society. This is reflected in physical activity around the county as we have some very high level para – athletes from Northamptonshire competing on the global stage who are great role models that help to inspire others. However we've also got a high proportion of disabled people unable to get active at a local level."

"We believe that disabled people have the right to get active whether they also want to become elite athletes in the future, or like many people just want to enjoy being active with their family and friends. Either way this will bring them the physical, mental and social wellbeing benefits we know that physical activity can provide."

"At present there are still many barriers facing a lot of disabled people to get active including their ability to get to opportunities, access facilities they take place in, having appropriate equipment available where necessary and most importantly providers who can give them an enjoyable, positive, fun experience that will make them come back."

Graeme concluded by saying "We have got a lot of opportunities available in the county which we are confident of being inclusive of disabled people and I'd urge people with disabilities to give these a try. However we also recognise that there's still a lot of work to do with many to ensure that everything is inclusive and can allow disabled people to make physical activity am enjoyable regular part of their lives!"

A guide to many of the opportunities available for disabled people to get active can be found attached and downloaded from the bottom of this news story. However if anyone would like more information about any of these, or anything else regarding physical activity for disabled people then please contact us on info@northamptonshiresport.org 01604 366 976. Equally if any physical activity providers would like details of their clubs, or sessions adding to the guide then please also get in touch with us to discuss and arrange this.

If any physical activity providers would like support to get disabled people active then a good starting point is to look at and use the many resources available on the Activity Alliance website.

They can also carry out a self – assessment to find out how inclusive they currently are and get help to improve in future using the Inclusion Club Hub.

Then finally there's the Inclusive Activity Programme (IAP) which can help physical activity providers, healthcare professionals and volunteers who support disabled people in any capacity to get them more active. Northamptonshire Sport coordinates the IAP around the county and so if you'd like to arrange, or attend a course then please contact us using the details already mentioned previously above in the article.

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