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2018 Coaching Week

Posted: Fri, 01 Jun 2018 10:05

2018 Coaching Week

Coaching Week runs from 4-10 June 2018 and aims to celebrate great coaching across
the nation. Coaching Week provides an annual platform for the general public to understand whatgreat coaching is and to empower everyone who is receiving coaching to celebrate and
recognize the people who coach them.

To mark Coaching Week, UK Coaching is inviting people across the UK to share when
and where they have experienced great coaching. People can do this by using the
#GreatCoaching hashtag across their social channels. People can also download a print
at home certificate to recognise their own coach who demonstrates UK Coaching's
Principles of Great Coaching from the UK Coaching website at
www.ukcoaching.org/GreatCoaching. Make sure you take a picture of your coach with
their certificate and post it online using #GreatCoaching.

UK Coaching has unveiled UK Coaching's Principles of Great Coaching, aimed to help people recognise great coaching. UK Coaching's Principles of Great Coaching are based on the acronym PEOPLE:

1. Person-centred

2. Empowering

3. Organised

4. Positive

5. Learning

6. Engaging

Many people benefit from great coaching across the UK each year. We feel it is important for everyone to understand what to look for in a great coaching experience, which is why UK Coaching created the Principles of Great Coaching.. Great coaching meets our motivations and utilises sport and physical activity to benefit and transform our lives. Coaching is all about PEOPLE.

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