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Rounders Community Blog

Posted: Thu, 21 Dec 2017 07:58

Rounders Community Blog

Everyone knows sharing is caring; whether it be sharing a coaching tip, a fun training session plan, a healthy recipe, a journey or experience. We all have the power to share knowledge and inspire others.

Rounders England's mission is about connecting people through Rounders. That's why we're launching the Rounders Community Blog! Through this movement, the Rounders community will come together to share their experiences and insights to help each other realise the benefits of Rounders and the power of belonging to a community.

We have some fantastic blogs lined up for you from the community! Want to share your knowledge and inspire? Get in touch with Rose Batty (Engagement Officer) to find out how you can contribute: rose.batty@roundersengland.co.uk or 0114 248 0357

Rounders Community Blog

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