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NPAT & Academy Clusters - Term 1 update

Posted: Wed, 01 Nov 2017 10:44

NPAT & Academy Clusters - Term 1 update

It has been a very busy term with all schools having completed their Young Leaders Training; approximately 300 Year 5/6 pupils were trained in just a 7 week period.

A huge 'Thank You' to all the Year 2 pupils who acted as guinea pigs for us, they did an incredible job and the leaders really appreciated being able to put the new skills they learnt during their training into practice in the afternoon.

I have seen some exceptional young leaders emerge from the training and I am excited about what I will see when I return tot he schools to conduct the Young Leaders Review.

Unfortunately the Year 3 Multisport Festival was postponed due to anticipated bad weather (which never materialised!) but will be re-arranged shortly.

I have met with quite a few schools regarding their Sports Premium plans and again it is really exciting to see the innovative ideas that schools are developing to provide a broader range of opportunities, or engage the least active pupils or structuring being put into place to support a young leader workforce.

8 schools attended the Pre-Level 2 New Age Kurling practice which involved a combination of 4 skills stations and then a series of friendly competitions against the other schools. It was great to see pupils enjoying the experience so much and taking away from it new skills, which I hope they will remember to use in the Level 2 New Age Kurling competition on the 7th November!

Natalie Lawrence, SSCo (stand in!)

NPAT & Academy Clusters - Term 1 update

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