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Kata Development in the Eastern Region 2018

Posted: Wed, 22 Nov 2017 09:29

Kata Development in the Eastern Region 2018

During 2018 there will be a focus on developing Kata across the Eastern Region. This will be utilising experienced tutors like Dave Horton-Jones, Robert Cleevely and others. There will be the opportunity to attend Katame-no-Kata, Nage-no-Kata and Kime-no-Kata Days. Should there be another Kata that people wish to do, please let me know.

Kata Courses will be run in pairs at the same venue around a month apart. This will allow those who attend to get both an initial attendance certificate and subsequently take the examination if they wish.

The next planned courses are;

Katame-no-Kata – 21st January and 18th February, Tora Judo Kwai (Bottisham)

These will also be suitable for Coach revalidation.

These courses are open to any Judoka who wishes to attend, although a minimum of Green belt is advisable due to the necessary technical knowledge. Young Judoka (14+) who may not be competitively inclined are encouraged to attend to possibly give them an alternative development route so please pass this on to any that may be at your club who you think would be interested in Kata.

Further details including application forms can be acquired by getting in touch with Laurence Kenyon: laurence.kenyon@britishjudo.org.uk

Dave Horton-Jones can advise on the format of the sessions and what exemptions the Kata certificates allow by way of promotion to and within the Dan Grades. He is also available to visit clubs to run Kata evenings or weekend days and can be contacted on 07977 688491 dave.hortonjones@britishjudo.org.uk

Kata Development in the Eastern Region 2018

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