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SUEZ Communities Trust - Launch of the new application process

Posted: Tue, 10 Oct 2017 12:40

SUEZ Communities Trust - Launch of the new application process

As of 2nd October 2017, Suez have launched a new and improved online application process.
From now on, applications can be made at any time via a two-stage online application form.

There are no longer any application deadlines.

The stage one application form can be completed quickly and captures brief information which will help to establish if a project is likely to be eligible for funding. When they receive a stage one application they will review it and respond within five working days. If your project appears to meet the funding criteria Suez will invite you to stage two.

Stage two is a full application form which requires more detail about the project, along with supporting documents. When they receive a stage two application they aim to review it and make a funding decision within 5 to 16 weeks. For full details about the new application process please click here.

The funding criteria has not changed as a result of the new two-stage application process.
Some of the advantages of the new process include:
- No application deadlines. From now on you can create and submit an application for funding at any time
- A two-stage application process enables us to give you feedback sooner. If your project is not eligible you won't waste time completing a full application form
- The new cloud-based application system makes form filling easier and more intuitive

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