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Sport, Recreation and Cerebral palsy

Posted: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 15:28

Sport, Recreation and Cerebral palsy

Graham Condie is a part time Research Officer for an organisation called CPISRA (Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association). He is currently involved in a research project that is looking into sports and recreation camps for individuals with Cerebral Palsy or other associated neurological conditions. A part of this work is research into the demand for sports training camps and recreational participation camps for individuals with Cerebral Palsy or other neurological conditions. The research is also looking at individuals' participation in sports and recreation. Any data from this questionnaire research will be used to help CPISRA to increase the number of opportunities available for people with Cerebral Palsy and similar conditions.

One of the questionnaires being used for this study is aimed at physical activity providers, and sports coaches who may of worked with people who have Cerebral Palsy in the past. The questionnaire can be accessed via the link below, and they'd really appreciate anyone with the appropriate experience taking the time to complete it.


If anyone has any questions relating to the research such as how, where and when the information provided will be used then Graham can be contacted via email on graham.condie@cpisra.org.

Sport, Recreation and Cerebral palsy

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