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Levelling the Playing Field

Posted: Thu, 10 Aug 2017 08:56

Levelling the Playing Field

Oundle Primary School have placed PE front and centre of their provision by ensuring no pupils is left behind in their physical development.

Children leaving lessons for extra reading, writing or numeracy interventions is increasingly commonplace in primary schools, but the importance of a healthy body is sometimes overlooked in those pupils who need a leg up. Not at Oundle however, where pupils falling behind physically are referred to PE intervention groups on a termly basis.

The interventions run alongside the curriculum, giving pupils extra time to work on the skills they need to enable them to better access and enjoy their lessons.

PE and Sports Premium lead Michael Nyczka said "the children who have gone to the intervention sessions have really come on in PE lessons. They find them more enjoyable, and they really look forward to both lessons and their extra sessions".

Community Sports Development Officer Chris Long, who has been running the scheme, said "some of the biggest barriers to participation in PE are an inability to actively engage in a game, fear of failure and throw/catch skills. These intervention sessions enable pupils to participate in smaller sided games, getting more opportunities to run, catch, pass and shoot, and to be successful in those actions. Success breeds confidence and enjoyment."

The doubling of sports premium funding provides schools with the opportunity to make a huge difference to all of their pupils. When considering spending for the coming academic year, think about how to make sure every pupil benefits, not just the pupils who are already engaged in sport.

Intervention sessions have been supported by Northamptonshire Sport's Coaching Service. For more information on the coaching service, visit our website or contact Tony Stewart via email tony.stewart@firstforwellbeing.co.uk.

The Northamptonshire Sport coaching service specialise in working alongside, rather than in place of your teaching and support staff, giving them the tools they need to provide high quality PE. If you would like guidance on how to get the best quality coaching, you can use our FANTASTIC coach scheme or refer to national guidance provided by Sports Coach UK.

It is worth remembering that the Sports Premium Guidance provided by the government prohibits use of sports premium funding for PPA cover. Using specialists to deliver curriculum PE is a core staff budget cost.

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