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Coaching At The Cutting Edge - Northamptonshire Coaching Conference

Posted: Wed, 09 Aug 2017 08:00

Coaching At The Cutting Edge - Northamptonshire Coaching Conference
  • Are you a busy sports coach working hard to help your athletes perform at their best?
  • Have you heard about all kinds of new sports science techniques but rarely get the chance to find out more about them, let alone apply them?
  • Think the latest techniques are for "elite" performers and don't really apply at the grass roots level of coaching?
  • Don't have time to do this or that course to learn even more techniques?
  • Wish your athletes' parents could know a bit more about what the route to the top involves?
  • Are doing the best you can in the circumstances, getting reasonable results but wish your athletes could just progress a little bit more…?

Access to a full support team with physios, massage therapists, nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches and help with sports mindset, tends to be provided only once an athlete reaches the elite level. Coaching at the Cutting Edge recognised that by filling this gap in some way for all competitive athletes, the struggle would be lessened, motivation levels would rise and progress would be greater, faster and safer.

Ongoing research, aimed at improving sports performance, means coaching techniques are constantly evolving with current ideas regularly being updated or replaced. Coaching at the Cutting Edge understand that coaches are busy people who don't always have the time to keep up to date with the latest coaching ideas. Just as parents often don't have access to, or a full understanding of, the science behind their child's sport.

So they set about organising this conference to address just that!

Their aim is to bring you the latest sport science, delivered in an easy to understand way with practical ideas that you can take away and immediately apply with your athletes, at your clubs.

The conference will take place on Saturday 16th September at the John Thorpe Building, Moulton College from 9am until 5pm. Topics covered will include:

  • Mindset for motivation, confidence and better results – the impact of your language on your athletes' success
  • Prevention and management of injury
  • Simple yet effective ways of managing workload to optimise performance and reduce injury risk
  • Overtraining and overreaching
  • Post Activation Potentiation – optimising performance in the 20 minutes before competition

Early Bird Booking fees do apply so don't delay!!

For more information, booking and further details on expert speakers, visit the website:


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