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Basketball England announce Satellite Club funding for 2017-21

Posted: Tue, 29 Aug 2017 10:41

Basketball England announce Satellite Club funding for 2017-21

Basketball England is pleased to announce that applications for Satellite Club funding for 2017/21 are now being accepted. Applications are open to both existing delivers and new clubs wishing to engage with the programme.

There are a number of core principles that underpin the satellite club model that all delivery must align to. These principles are:

  • New satellite club delivery should be focused on young people aged 12-19, 12-25 if disability focused.
  • Satellite clubs should be targeted at helping these young people become active or build regular activity habits and / or targeting under-represented groups in sport. These include, but are not limited to females, young people with disabilities and those from lower socio-economic groups.
  • Activity provided through satellite clubs should be aligned to achieving the Chief Medical Officers recommendation of delivering moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity.
  • Positioned to be able to support young people at points of disruption in their lives.
  • Designed to get young people active and create regular activity habits.
  • Be young participant needs led, including involving young people in decisions and design.
  • Be linked to or developed into a regular sport and / or physical activity opportunity.
  • Appropriate safeguarding standards must be in place.

Some further key points to highlight are:

  • There is more flexibility in the application process this year for you to decide your needs
  • Clubs can apply for up to four years funding (dependent on meeting your milestones/targets and reporting requirements)
  • Application process to apply for existing Satellite Club continuation as well as the option to apply to start new Satellite Clubs
  • Underrepresented participant focus
  • Online application procedure through Woofu

It is very important that you read the funding guidance document before submitting your application. This guidance will give you and your club the very best chance of submitting a successful application. The guidance document can be found by clicking HERE.

To begin your application for funding, please click HERE

Deadline for Application

Applications are now open and can be submitted up to the deadline of the 3rd September 2017 at 11:59pm. You will then have a decision on your application by 5pm on the 8th September 2017.

Attached to this email is a funding advice document. Please make sure that you follow the document to make sure your application really highlights what you want to achieve.

If you require any further information please email Jon Stonebridge by clicking HERE.

Basketball England announce Satellite Club funding for 2017-21

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