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National Table Tennis Day is Coming

Posted: Mon, 26 Jun 2017 09:00

National Table Tennis Day is Coming

It's a day for the whole table tennis family to come together, have fun, and promote all that is great about our sport.

On Wednesday 12th July, we're looking for clubs, schools, workplaces and anyone with access to a table to host their own event. Last year there were more than 200 registered events with 10,000 people taking part in events at clubs, schools, workplaces and town centres around England and the celebration reached 5 million people on social media via the hashtag #TableTennisDay. This year there are more exciting opportunities for you to take part in across Northamptonshire and we are appealing to clubs, schools, workplaces to get involved.

Can you organise a knockout competition on the day? Beat the Boss or Longest Rally? Perhaps try to beat a table tennis world record? Or maybe your club can host an open day or a 'bring a friend' event?

Whatever you choose to do, the accent is on fun for everyone. Northamptonshire Sport will be running an 'Around the Table' longest rally competition where all of the team has to take alternative shots for as long as possible. We will posting a video of our teams effort on Monday 10th July via twitter and we are challenging workplaces in Northamptonshire to beat it on National Table Tennis Day and submitting the video on twitter using @Nsport @tabletenniseng and the hashtag #TableTennisDay.

We are also running a 'Table Tennis Selfie' competition where we are encouraging you to tweet photos of you in action. We are giving away a free Ping set for best Selfie and Longest Rally so make sure you get your entries in!

Table Tennis is a great way to improve health and wellbeing amongst staff in businesses. It is shown to increase social interaction and cross-departmental relationships (for the benefits of both work and pleasure) and table tennis has a great knack for involving and engaging people who are normally happier to reside inside their shells or shy away from sport or physical activity.

Businesses can sign up to the Loop at Work loan scheme which provides the opportunity to loan a table tennis table & equipment free of charge for 6 weeks without having to invest straight away. This gives businesses the chance to see the positive effects of keeping colleagues active during the day. The superb 'Beat the Boss' package includes tables, bats, balls, and resources including games ideas, ladder boards, knock out cups and an office trophy. If you are interested in signing up please contact Will Heckford at will.heckford@firstforwellbeing.co.uk.

National Table Tennis Day is Coming

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