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Kingsthorpe Cluster - Term 5 Update

Posted: Wed, 14 Jun 2017 08:27

Kingsthorpe Cluster - Term 5 Update

This term the Kingsthorpe Cluster primary schools have been busy preparing and competing in a variety of Level 2 competitions. It's been great to see so many children getting the opportunity to represent their schools in competitive sport. We ran a year 5/6 Pre-level 2 Athletics event at Kingsthorpe College to help prepare the pupils ahead of their competition. The event was run by an athletics coach and supported by Kingsthorpe College students. Throughout the event, the pupils developed their skills and perfected their techniques in a variety of field and track events. It was great to see the children supporting and helping each other, even when they were from different schools.

All Saints Primary hosted a Level 2 competition of their own. They invited schools from within our cluster to their school to compete in Boccia and New Age Curling. These sports had been so popular with the children in our cluster, so All Saints ran this extra competition for schools to bring along their 'B' teams. It was a great way to give more children the opportunity to represent their school in competitions.

Our young leaders are continuing to do a fantastic job within all the primary schools. The year 5 leaders have now fully taken over from the year 6 leaders and are doing brilliantly! Many of them are now preparing to help with their School Games Days that are taking place this term.

Alex Bennett, SSCo

Kingsthorpe Cluster - Term 5 Update

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