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Crowdfunding for your Club with Podium Partners

Posted: Thu, 29 Jun 2017 14:41

Crowdfunding for your Club with Podium Partners

Northamptonshire Sport are working in partnership with Podium Partners to offer clubs/groups/individuals across the county the opportunity to maximise their fundraising through an online platform and raise valuable funds towards a cause of your choice, so long as sport and physical activity is at its heart.

Whether you're a club with facilities in desperate need of upgrading, you want to keep a community facility alive, or you're an athlete requiring extra funds to support your training programme in the build-up to an important tournament… Whatever your need, we can help!

This type of fundraising relies heavily on donations from people through the internet. Therefore, it is recommended that the athlete, group or club representative who runs the page is active on social media, committed to updating a campaign blog and able to publicise their project far and wide. This is the most effective way to reach out to the wider community and maximise potential donations to your cause. And don't forget, we are here to help amplify your message across the county and nationally through your NGB.

A great recent success story in how to effectively use crowdfunding is Northamptonshire's Claire Stancliffe, who was extremely proactive in raising over £10,000 to support the GB Deaf Women's Football Team in attending the Deaf World Cup in 2016. Claire's campaign was shared extensively on social media, including by some members of the England Women's Football Team and Stoke City/England Goalkeeper Jack Butland, who personally donated £5,000 to support the cause.

Working with a charity partner allows donations to be eligible for Gift Aid, which increases the value of each donation by reclaiming the basic rate of tax on the donation at no extra cost. This could convert every £10 donated to as much as £12.50.

Have a look at the Podium Partners Website and see the other campaigns that are presently raising money - https://www.podiumpartners.org

Podium Partners has recently launched their new website with additional fundraising functionality:

  • Sub fundraising for members to have their own fundraising pages
  • T-shirts – design your campaign T-shirt no stock, no hassle, order direct from supplier
  • Corporate / Club events booking
  • Membership donations attract Gift Aid
  • Blog pages for promoting specific activities
  • Match Funding

If you think that your organisation could proactively use crowdfunding to fundraise for your project, please get in touch with Alex Le Guevel - alex.leguevel@firstforwellbeing.co.uk and Karel Bretveld - karel@podiumpartners.org from Podium Partners at your earliest convenience and we can get the ball rolling.

We look forward to hearing the details of your projects in due course and being able to help you raise much needed funds!

Crowdfunding for your Club with Podium Partners

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