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Meg Makes An Impact At Sailability!

Posted: Tue, 21 Jun 2016 10:30

Meg Makes An Impact At Sailability!

As part of Northamptonshire Sport's ongoing Northants Girls Can Coach project, inspirational Sailing Coach Meg Elliott has kindly written the article below providing insight on her role at Northampton Sailability Club as well as being a Female coach with a disability.

"I am an Assistant coach for Hansa Access dinghy boats at Northampton Sailability. I love meeting disabled people and helping them learn to sail. I think that by being a woman I am able to deliver a very caring approach to instructing, which pupils need to give them confidence out on the water.

I became an Assistant Instructor because it was the natural progression for me after I had completed my other Sailing certificates. I am a disabled adult as a result of a serious accident, having previously been an Outdoor Instructor in North Wales. I have a strong interest in teaching people sports and motivating them. I am good at relating to people and getting the best effort from them.

The barrier to me getting into coaching was how my disability affects my mental thought processes. I have difficulties with memory and I find it hard to organise my thoughts. I had to read the stages of learning for dinghy sailing repetitively, so I could make sense of them and remember to use them in my sailing instruction.

In the future I want to achieve my full Dinghy Instructor badge, so that I can take pupils out in a capsizable dinghy boat and teach a more advanced level of Sailing. My greatest tip for female coaches is to have belief in yourself, show off your coaching ability and people won't doubt your capabilities.

If anyone with a disability, sensory impairment, mental health, or long term health condition has been inspired by Meg's story and would like to become a sports coach, Activator, or Leader then we have help available. As part of our Impact Volunteering project the current round of our Coach Scholarship scheme has funding available to help pay towards the cost of coaching, activator and leadership courses.

If you'd like any further information regarding these opportunities then please contact Graeme Wilson on 01604 367953 Graeme.Wilson@firstforwellbeing.co.uk.

Meg Makes An Impact At Sailability!

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