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Northants Girls Can Coach - Week 13!

Posted: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 09:30

Northants Girls Can Coach - Week 13!

Northamptonshire as a county boasts hundreds of inspirational, qualified, active female coaches but this number is still vastly disproportionate to the number of coaches in total currently leading sport in the county.

As part of our #NorthantsGirlsCanCoach campaign, and today in celebration of our Female Priority Coach Scholarship; every week we are releasing profiles of female Northamptonshire Coaches to inspire other women to get involved!!

Week 13 - Liane Higham!!!

Name: Liane Higham

Sport: Cycling

What is your highest level of qualification?

NSIQ (National Standard Instructor Qualification) and Bikeaility.

What coaching are you currently doing?

I am currently offering Bikeability in Primary Schools through Northamptonshire Sport and also work on the British Cycling programme Go-Ride as a Level 2 Coach in Secondary Schools in the county.

How did you get into coaching?

I got into coaching by starting off with a Ride Leader Qualification and volunteering with British Cycling Breeze network. I have also had some support through Northamptonshire Sport.

Did you come across any barriers to becoming a coach?

No not really, I've found being a female coach beneficial. I work mainly with other female coaches and know many Breeze Champions across the UK who also give their time as volunteers and coaches, so have a great support network.

What do you think the best thing is about coaching?

Helping women and children become more confidents in a variety of disciplines, seeing Bikeability kids gain confidence and understand road traffic conditions and their safety. I really like the massive grin on a Go-Ride kid who's covered head to toe in mud!

What are your coaching aspirations for the future?

Helping establish a local Go-Ride club to offer more children accessibility to cycling activities, working with Learn2Be to offer the 'Feel Good' factor of outdoor exercise for mental health. Continuing to offer Breeze and Skyride social rides across Northamptonshire.

Having ridden with various clubs and worked in a cycle shop environment as well as led many rides for Breeze and Skyride, in addition to coaching I think an understanding and empathy of the participant is key, and perhaps women can be more intuitive with this. Technical information is great at that level, but a new cyclist needs to build those learning blocks more gradually so being able to break down technique into smaller goals can enable less confident riders.

Has this inspired you to become a coach? Then check our Northamptonshire Sport's new programme - Northants Girls Can Coach! We can help support you to realise your coaching potential!!

Northamptonshire Sport launched Northants Girls Can Coach at the beginning of January 2016 to encourage and support more women into coaching. If you would like to get involved, please see our Northants Girls Can Coach pages.

Support will include:

  • A 'Come Into Coaching session that took place on 27th January 2016. This workshop was offered free of charge for all aspiring female coaches and any women and girls that would like to learn a little more about what being a sports coach is all about.
  • A Female themed Coach Scholarship round in February (NOW OPEN!!) and a
  • Female Coaching Forum on 24th May 2016 offering a networking and training opportunity to female coaches across the county regardless of current level or experience. From this Northamptonshire Sport will look to establish a network of female coaches in the county, providing ongoing support via an online platform and annual meetings.

This programme will look to inspire and enthuse women from all backgrounds, whether they have thought about coaching in the past or not. It is just one of the ways Northamptonshire Sport are trying to break down the current barriers to more women becoming sports coaches.

For more information, please click here:

Or contact Coach Development Officer, Lucy Alexander at lalexander@northamptonshire.gov.uk

Northants Girls Can Coach - Week 13!

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