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Year 4-5 Able & Talented Camp...Session 3

Posted: Wed, 30 Mar 2016 15:39

Year 4-5 Able & Talented Camp...Session 3

Date: Tuesday 29th March 2016 Venue: Northampton Academy

Year 4 Participation: 8 pupils Year 5 participation: 9 pupils

Activity 1: Connect 3

Teacher in Charge: Mr Jones

Pupils were given the aim of the game; in the style of a relay race the aim of the game was to put three cones in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line to win, and then given the responsibility to determine how the game should be played. It would be fair to say that the first attempt at the game looked like chaos, with pupils running all over the place. The pupils were asked to review the first game and find a solution to the chaos! It didn't take them long to agree some rules of play. From then on the games developed tactical momentum and the team's level of skill, challenge and determination to win escalated.

The pupils remained very focused throughout the session which, without very much input from staff, they pretty much organised themselves for an hour of solid activity.

Pupils were surprised at just how much physical activity the game involved and it was nice to see so many red cheeks at the end of it...it just goes to show that physical activity and exercise and be great fun!

Multi-Ability Cogs: Social, Creative, Cognitive, Health & Well-being

Activity 2: Goalball

Teacher in charge: Miss Lawrence

Goalball was originally developed by Hanz Lorenzen (Austria) and Sepp Reindl (Germany) in 1946, as a rehabilitation programme for visually impaired World War II veterans.

Within the next few decades goalball evolved into a competitive sport, and was featured as a demonstration sport at the 1976 Montreal Summer Paralympic Games. The success of this led to the first goalball world championships being held in Austria in 1978, before it was officially included within the Paralympic movement in the 1980 Summer Games in Arnhem and thereafter.

Goalball is a game played by two teams of three players and is open to both male and female visually impaired athletes, and sighted players can also play domestically.

The object of the game is to score a goal by bowling the ball along the floor so that it crosses the goal line of the opposing team. The defending team has to prevent the ball going in to their goal by stopping it while remaining in their team area. They must then try to control the ball and attack by bowling the ball back again thereby trying to score in the other goal.

The pupils were all given a blindfold to wear and asked not to take off their blindfolds even when staff were giving them further instructions, this was to try and mimic what it is like for a blind or partially sighted person to be taught a new sport or activity – many of the pupils found this concept understandably difficult.

The pupils were given a series of challenges;

1) Rectangle Roll: an attacking practice whereby the blindfolded pupils practice passing the ball in different directions, over different distances and then adjusting to reversing the passing direction.

2) Cone Challenge: a number of cones were set up about 5 meters in front of the pupils and the aim of the game was for the blindfolded pupils to improve the accuracy of their shooting through practice and verbal instructions from their sighted coach.

3) Team Defence: to work as a team to stop an sighted bowler from scoring a goal

The session finished with pupils competing in a number of 5 minute matches. Pupils were given the opportunity to play in the matches and coach their team. There were a number of great goals and saves made by the pupils.

Multi-Ability Cogs: Cognitive, Social, Personal

Activity 3: Dance

Teacher in charge: Nikki Antonaccio

Pupils were not told what the afternoon session would involve until the Tutor (Nikki) arrived as I was a little unsure how some of the pupils would react to the activity; I think I was right to keep it a secret as there were a few moans and groans when they were told!

Nikki introduced the pupils to the style of Contemporary Dance; "Contemporary dance is the name for a modern concert dance genre. It is not a specific dance technique but a collection of methods developed from modern and post-modern dance and can take on many forms including dance fusion, emergent dance and revisionism".

To prepare the pupils they undertook a series of dance drills which they would later use to creatively design the starting sequence for their performance, followed by a taught dance sequence which the group learnt and practice together.

Once fully emerged in the activity the moans and groans turned to joy and excitement, especially when the pupils were given the freedom to develop their own sequence which would lead into the taught dance sequence.

The team cohesion, ability to communicate and share ideas that emerged from this session was amazing. This led to some excellent performances at the end of the session and some surprisingly great performances for pupils who had been a little reluctant or insecure at the start!

The Tutor was inspiring, supportive and provided an atmosphere that allowed all pupils to feel comfortable to be able to express themselves without feeling self-conscious or silly, and therefore it is not surprising that she scored the highest number of votes for the day!

Multi-Ability Cogs: Cognitive, Social, Personal


All the pupils should be praised for their efforts today!

The quality of the sessions, determination of the pupils to succeed and learn new skills and contribute to theirs and their peers learning just keeps getting better.

Today the pupils were given responsibility of the board; a plenary concluded each session with the pupils outlining what 'Cogs' they has been turning and developing during the sessions, and more specifically the principle skills.

The pupils have just one session remaining for this academic year; a session that will expose the pupils to a sport that is very few will have tried, an opportunity for them to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the programme and for parents to hear from the pupils all about their experiences!

Year 4-5 Able & Talented Camp...Session 3

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