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NPAT Cluster update...Term 3

Posted: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 19:07

NPAT Cluster update...Term 3

The NPAT Cluster has had a very busy term. All schools have had their young leader training, so in term 3 the focus was on observing their practice and completing their reviews, with the students reflecting on their leading practice so far! The sessions have proven to be very enlightening with the students providing excellent insight and feedback… I have been so impressed with their passion and positivity and the way they have 'stepped up' to a position of responsibility within their schools. This last term has seen lots of successes for the NPAT cluster in a number of L2 competitions, we look forward to seeing them represent the partnership at the Level 3 School Games, hopefully enjoying and learning from such a great experience! Finally the Year 4 Multisport festival was a great success, with all schools in attendance- the students enjoyed activities led by the Northampton Academy Sports Leaders, relishing the opportunity to try something new and work alongside other schools, it was lovely to see so many smiley faces enjoying being outside and physically active!

Emily Carter-Morris, SSCo

NPAT Cluster update...Term 3

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