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Northampton Academy Cluster update...Term 3

Posted: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 21:28

Northampton Academy Cluster update...Term 3

It has been another busy and exciting term for the Northampton Academy cluster. All schools have now completed their young leader training. All pupils have been brilliant and shown passion, motivation and enthusiasm. A special mention must go out to the young leaders at Blackthorn Primary who led to their year 2 pupils during their training session. This was the first time they had led by themselves, they all demonstrated excellent leadership qualities and responsibility. I can't wait to go back next term to do their review as I am confident they will be providing great opportunities at lunchtime for the pupils at their school. This is a first for Blackthorn Primary as they have never had young leaders, it's fantastic to see them striving for success and wanting the best for their students.

The Northampton Academy leadership students held a fantastic multisport festival for year 4 pupils in our cluster. The leaders planned and delivered some exciting activities which included Athletics, Football, Tag Rugby, Handball and Multiskills. The Year 4 pupils were mixed with other schools which gave them an opportunity to develop their confidence and to make new friends. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the activities and it was such a pleasure to see so many smiley, happy and excited children taking part in physical activity. The teachers commented that they were so impressed with some of their pupils who they thought would not engage in the activities, they did however prove them wrong and left saying, 'This was the best day ever'.

We have more exciting events taking place this term including a Year 3 multisport festival which will again be delivered by the amazing young leaders at Northampton Academy. We also have a Quicksticks and Tri-Golf practice sessions in order to prepare the children for the level 2 competition.

Hannah Henry, SSco

Northampton Academy Cluster update...Term 3

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