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Further Futsal Success for Moulton and CCS

Posted: Fri, 18 Dec 2015 09:43

Further Futsal Success for Moulton and CCS

On Wednesday 16th December, Year 9 students from secondary schools around the South Northants and Daventry districts attended the School Games Year 9 Futsal competitions at Moulton College.

The teams from Moulton, CCS, Guilsborough and Sponne competed in separate boys and girls competitions with the winning team in each competition progressing forward to the School Games Level 3 County Finals in Kettering in February 2016.

Both competitions saw the teams compete in round robins and the matches were officated by Simon Trusler of Sponne School and Ed Reeves from the School Sport Partnership.

In the girl's competition, with only three teams entered into the competitions, teams from CCS, Sponne and Moulton played each other twice in a league format. A victory for Moulton against Sponne put them as early leaders but victories for CCS over both Moulton and Sponne saw them top the league, which is where they remained throughout the competition, finishing unbeaten with 3 wins and a draw. Moulton claimed second with 2 wins and 2 losses and Sponne in third claiming no victories and a draw.

The boy's competition between CCS, Moulton, Sponne and Guilsborough was close. With each team playing each other only once, every result could make a difference. Victories for Moulton and Guilsborough over both CCS and Sponne, the final match between the two sides would decide the overall winners. Guilsborough, who had shown great attacking instincts throughout the competition and were the highest scorers, came up against a resilient Moulton who employed a strong defensive effort throughout the match. With less than a minute on the clock, an attack from Guilsborough led to a counter attack from Moulton, resulting in the only goal of the game and ensured that Moulton would top the league, with Guilsborough in 2nd, CCS in 3rd and Sponne in 4th.

The Partnership would like to thank all students and staff who attended the event for theit efforts and also offer its congratulations to both CCS and Moulton, who will now be invited to progress to the School Games Level 3 County Futsal Finals for the Year 9 Girls and Boys competitions respectively. Special thanks are also reserved for Simon Trusler, Ed Reeves and Dean Mills for officiating over the matches throughout the competition.

School Games Level 2 Year 9 Futsal Competition

Year 9 Girls

1st CCS

2nd Moulton

3rd Sponne

Year 9 Boys

1st Moulton

2nd Guilsborough

3rd CCS

4th Sponne

Further Futsal Success for Moulton and CCS

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