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Join Shake up September and revolutionise the health, fitness and productivity of your workforce

Posted: Thu, 06 Aug 2015 11:16

Join Shake up September and revolutionise the health, fitness and productivity of your workforce

Employers across the UK and in Northamptonshire are invited to join the Shake Up September challenge. Fresh from Workplace Challenge, the programme which combines cutting edge technology with sport & physical activity opportunities, Shake Up September encourages employees to increase activity levels by trying at least one new activity or sport during September.

The ultimate aim for participants is to try a new activity and to log as much of the new activity as possible throughout the month-long challenge. Participants will be able to track their performance and set individual targets through personalised dashboards, whilst the online Workplace Challenge leaderboards will give a 'real time' indication of who is to be crowned the ultimate Shake Up September Challenge individual and team champions.

Workplace activities make business sense
Rarely are the benefits of physical activity, or, conversely, the consequences of inactivity, out of the news. It is well documented that regular physical activity can reduce the risk of many chronic conditions, including coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity, mental health problems and musculoskeletal conditions.

The business benefits of a healthy, physically active workforce are compelling. Research shows that insufficient physical inactivity and employee absence go hand in hand and in 2014 a study from the CBI calculated that employee absence costs the economy an estimated £14 billion per year, with £975 the average cost to business for each absent employee.

Workplace Challenge is a low-cost, high-impact solution to supporting and promoting employee physical activity. To date, more than 6,400 businesses have registered for Workplace Challenge, with more than 35,000 employees already reaping the rewards of participation. In Northamptonshire, nearly 200 workplace's are registered with over 1100 employees signed up and logging their activity.

Shake Up September participants will be able to choose a new activity from a vast range of Workplace Challenge activities and sports and log participation using the dedicated smartphone app or the online tool, with the aim of recording as much of the new activity as possible. Participants will be able to set their own goals, whilst the Shake Up September Champion will be the individual with the most points recorded throughout the month.

Mike Diaper, Director of Community Sport, Sport England said: "The Shake Up September challenge gives an extra incentive for us all to try something new. With close to 150 sports and activities there is lots on offer. There is also help to support people who lack confidence in taking part or are doing so for the first time.

"I would urge businesses who have yet to implement a physical activity policy – and even those who have, to use Workplace Challenge's Shake Up September challenge as a catalyst to get their workforce more active, more healthy and more productive."

Why join Workplace Challenge and Shake Up September
1. It's free and easy to use.
Aside from how easy it is to register a business, Workplace Challenge has been designed with busy working people in mind – so it's easy to log points online on a PC or laptop, or on the go, via the smartphone app.
2. It's open to all businesses – big or small. There are no stipulations on the size or nature of your industry or business.

3. There's something for everyone. A genuine multisport offer, Workplace Challenge participants can log activity across almost 150 sports and activities – from golf to gardening, hockey to hula-hooping and walking to waterskiing, so there's something for everyone and no prescriptive format for participation.

4. Small steps can make a big difference. Shake Up September encourages people to try just one new sport or activity of their own choice, so there's no risk of participants feeling overwhelmed or demoralised by unrealistic targets. Aside from the physical health benefits, evidence shows that doing a new activity can boost our memory as well as creativity.

5. There's year-round support and free training. From specialist Workplace Champion training (to enable office Champions help colleagues get the most out of Workplace Challenge), to local knowledge and expert support from County Sports Partnerships, joining Workplace Challenge means you'll have access to the right expertise to help your workplace physical activity programme run smoothly and effectively.

6. It shows investment. By offering Workplace Challenge as part of a workplace activity programme and promoting Shake Up September, businesses are able to send a clear message to employees that workforce health and welfare is taken seriously and that positive steps are being taken to help and support employees get more active.

7. It could significantly boost team spirit. Taking part in Shake Up September could significantly boost team spirit.

How to Join Shake up September
To take part in #ShakeUpSeptember just register your workplace at workplacechallenge.org.uk download the poster and activity pack and tell your staff and colleagues to sign up and start logging points. Could your workplace be crowned Shake Up September champion 2015?

Join Shake up September and revolutionise the health, fitness and productivity of your workforce

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