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Throw Yourself Into Judo - The Judo Dad

Posted: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 13:57

Throw Yourself Into Judo - The Judo Dad

Paul Montgomery has always encouraged his 7 year old son Taylor to try as many sports as possible.

"He does the usual stuff like football and likes to be out on his bike, but it's judo he really loves", said Paul.

Paul's journey as a judo Dad started at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow last year: "There was a free event there and Taylor went along with my dad and had his first taste of judo.

"The coaches there said there was another free event in August so we took him to that and couldn't drag him away! There were loads of different sports and activities on offer but he just wanted to keep doing judo", recalls Paul.

From then on Taylor was hooked: "A year into the sport he is now on his 4th Kai", said Paul proudly.

Taylor has thrived in the sport in a short space of time. He was awarded the '2014 Best Novice Boy' and 'May 2015 Player of the Month' at his club.

"I like to learn new judo skills but I also love playing the warm up games at training", said Taylor.

"He absolutely loves judo and now trains two or three times a week", said Paul.

"For me as a parent, I'm so happy he's found something he loves doing".

But as well as the physical exercise his son receives from doing judo, there are also other benefits which Paul is quick to mention: "Although he has shown great natural ability for judo, he has learned a great deal in terms of respect, tolerance, self-control and the value of hard work".

Since Paul was thrown into judo by his son he has been recommending it to others: "I have no previous experience of judo but have recommended it to loads of parents. The coaching Taylor receives is first class and the facilities he trains in are fantastic.

"Every parent wants to make sure their child is healthy and doing exercise is part of that, but it is also important to know that they are exercising in a safe environment and that's what we have at the judo club.

"As a parent I have seen a lot of positive changes in Taylor since he started doing judo. I think other kids would get the same benefits as well if they went down to their local club and had a go".

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Throw Yourself Into Judo - The Judo Dad

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