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Our School Games Experience by Roade Primary School Media Leaders

Posted: Mon, 20 Jul 2015 14:45

Our School Games Experience by Roade Primary School Media Leaders

On Thursday 9th July, three children from Roade Primary School attended the Northamptonshire School Games as South Northants and Daventry SSP Media Leaders. The three children; Libby, Sophie and Floris; learnt all about what the School Games is and here is their recount of the day:

We had the great pleasure and responsibility of being asked to be part of the Media Team reporting on this year's Northamptonshire School Games. We arrived bright and early dressed in our orange media t-shirts ready to record the day's events.

There were hundreds of teams there to compete from across Northamptonshire. It was a rainbow of colour as each district had a different colour t-shirt.

Some schools had more than one team represented at the games. Lings Primary school had 12 teams, 45% of their school community in lots of different sports! Mr Wolmarans, Headteacher, said that sport (and dance) was very important in their school.

The first celebrity we met was Bryan Steele, the Great British Olympian. He represented Great Britain in cycling and has been to four Olympics. He was very pleased to be part of our day and was quick to say that his role model was his father who first gave him a bike and the courage to compete. In his career, he won lots of medals and awards and he is the perfect role model for us to aspire to.

We all gathered for the special grand opening ceremony. All the children arranged themselves into a huge number 70 as it represented 70 days until the start of the Rugby World Cup 2015. The aerial pictures were really cool!

The opening ceremony was full of dance and umbrellas! We listened to all the fabulous events that were going to happen throughout the day and there was a real buzz of excitement as we just wanted to get going!!

Bryan Steele was the guest of honour at the opening ceremony and talked about the six values of the Schools Games:

  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Self-belief
  • Determination
  • Passion
  • Respect

We had a lot of ground to cover as we walked from one event to the next looking out for the future stars. Although as media we were supposed to report neutrally, we could not help but look out for the magnificent yellow t-shirts of the South Northants and Daventry district as that is where our school, Roade Primary, is placed! First stop was the hockey. The astro turf was packed with children in all colours of t-shirt competing at the highest level. Guilsborough seemed to be doing really well whist we were there, scoring three goals in the time we were reporting on their game. We interviewed Northampton Saints Hockey Club Junior Chairman, Andy. He said that exercise is really important and that it didn't really matter which sport you did as long as you enjoyed it.

There was lots to see so we dashed off to Multi-sports where the Year Ones and Twos were doing fabulously at their balancing and throwing challenges. In the hall, the basketball was in full flow. We watched from the balcony as Oakway Academy put on a really good show! It was an extremely fast game with end to end action!

With all these sports going on there was not much down time, but there was the opportunity for the competitors to try out a rowing machine and to see how many metres they could row in one minute. It was lots of fun and very hard work!

We gave everything a go! After we got our breath back, we walked over to the other side of the site to see the inclusive tag rugby. It was great and we saw lots of tries being scored.

Whilst we were reporting on the cycling, we sat on the bank in the sunshine. We were interviewed by a BBC Radio Northampton interviewer! It was like the reporters being interviewed by a reporter!

The cycling was brilliant and there were two races. The short sprint and the longer endurance races. We watched the rainbow t-shirts compete in several races and thought about the Tour de France! Imagine if some of these young cyclists became the yellow jersey winners in the future.

Highlights for us were the hockey, the archery at all levels, (especially the arrows) and the tennis that was really good to watch.

All the children did their schools proud. There were so many sports taking place that it was difficult to report on all of them. We were proud to be a small part of such a bright and colourful day. Every one of these fabulous competitors were winners just to get to this stage, but the closing ceremony was full of trophies and medals being handed out! For the awards, we were joined by Gail Emms Olympic silver medallist in Badminton. There were so many winners to celebrate with!

It was a very busy day and we were exhausted at the end of it. We visited every sport and saw every competitor. We loved being reporters for such a fantastic event and we vowed that we would return next year, only this time we would be competitors not reporters and we would be proudly wearing the yellow shirt of South Northants and Daventry.

Before we left we had a quick opportunity to visit the photo-booth. It was set up so that competitors from all schools could go and have a team photo as a memento of the School Games. We had one done to help us remember our fabulous day.

Our brilliant day ended with us sharing our notes and recalling all the brilliant activities that we saw. Well done to everyone who competed and made it to this level in their sport. You were all winners to us!

Libby, Sophie and Floris, reporting for Roade Primary School.

For more information about Media Leaders and Sports Crews, please email David Hanson, Sports Development Officer for South Northants and Daventry at dhanson@northamptonshire.gov.uk.

Our School Games Experience by Roade Primary School Media Leaders

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