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Sight Loss and Guide Running Course a Success!

Posted: Wed, 17 Jun 2015 17:07

Sight Loss and Guide Running Course a Success!

The Sight Loss and Guide Running course that we recently ran in partnership with England Athletics was a success with 12 people from local jogging and Athletics clubs attending. There were also 2 people with a visual impairment who came along to give the attendees some real life insight regarding the challenges they face trying to get involved in sport and also get experience of running with a guide.

The attendees got to learn about the different types of visual impairment and experience what each 1 is like by wearing pairs of special glasses that simulate different eye conditions. They then got to see different types of guide running equipment which ranged from specially made products to DIY versions made from hair accessories.

A video entitled 'Guide Running Off Track' was then shown to demonstrate different ways in which runners and their guides can work together and communicate to overcome some of the many hazards that they may encounter while out running.

The course then finished with an opportunity for the attendees to put everything they'd learnt in to practise with some practical experience of guiding the 2 visually impaired volunteers and each other while wearing the special simulation glasses.

If you'd like more information about the course, guide running in general and how you go about registering to become a guide in your local area go to the England Athletics website.

Sight Loss and Guide Running Course a Success!

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