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Sports Crew Exclusive - Clipston Primary School

Posted: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 20:24

Sports Crew Exclusive - Clipston Primary School

On Thursday 23rd April, Clipston Primary School attended the Daventry South Cluster Quicksticks Competition at Moulton College. This report comes to you from Sports Crew members Amelia Wallis and Olivia Cotterill.

Clipston Team A Report

On a sunny evening, at Moulton College, on the 23rd of April, a hockey match was about to start.

David, (who organised it) explained the rules to all the participants.

Everyone cheered, as Clipston team A flew into the lead, winning their first match 3-0.

Two matches later, and Clipston were exhausted, so they had to pace themselves for the next match. It was the final match to determine who would be the winner and who would be in 2nd place.

After that, David gathered all of us over to present the medals. Everyone's hearts were racing and just then he called out the winners. It was us, we had won! A large cup was presented to us.

The day was so much fun and it was only the beginning for Clipston School and so we will partake in another match soon.

By Amelia Wallis

Clipston Team B Report

At Moulton College on the 23rd April 2015, Clipston Primary School came with us to play the Quicksticks hockey tournament.

David, the man who organised it, welcomed everyone to the hockey tournament and went through the rules.

The first match Clipston B played was Clipston B vs. Overstone. Overstone won the first match 1-0. Clipston were unlucky not to score.

The second match Clipston B played was Clipston vs. Brixworth and it was a tie 2 all. Well done Ollie and Finlay scoring one goal each.

The third match Clipston played was Clipston B vs. Sywell. Sywell won the third match by 2-0. Good defending from Ollie and Emily.

The fourth match Clipston B played was Clipston B vs. Great Creaton. Great Creaton won the fourth match 4-0.

David went through another talk about going through to the semi finals but Clipston B was playing for 5th place and we won all very excited 2-1.

Clipston B did brilliant defending. Well done to all of the team members showing good sportsmanship. Overall, Clipston won the tournament and they all got a certificate and medals with an amazing trophy.

Well done Clipston!

By Olivia Cotterill

Well done girls for your fantastic report! Keep up the good work!

Sports Crew Exclusive - Clipston Primary School

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