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Easter Gifted and Talented Camp Success

Posted: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 12:32

Easter Gifted and Talented Camp Success

On Tuesday 31st March 2015 and Wednesday 1st April 2015, Corby Oundle and Thrapston School Sports Partnership hosted a 2 day Developing Performance Pathway Academy session at St Brendan's School in Corby.

The purpose of the holiday sessions was to bring together the most able and talented young people within the Enhanced School Sport programme and provide opportunities for them to challenge and develop their current level of performance. It is also to build on the sessions that we run weekly at St Patricks School in Corby and Polebrook School.

Within the sessions recognised sports were presented to the children, however some of the sports they may not have done within schools.

As the pupils came from the two clubs it was great for them to meet with each other and get to know each other. The pupils enjoyed working together throughout the 2 days and made new friends.

The various activities they participated in were;

  • Volleyball in which a coach from Northamptonshire Sport came in and ran a session which focused the child's attention on playing adapted games of Volleyball practising them and becoming successful with. There was also theory within volleyball in which the children had a quiz on to see how much of the session they took in.
  • Tag Rugby where Northamptonshire Saints came to the club bringing along their Premiership Trophy and delivering a session. Also Bernie the mascot came along with them and spent the session with the children encouraging them and having fun!
  • Archery where another coach came in to deliver this lesson, most of the children had never done it before so this was a great learning curve for them.
  • Goalball, this was also another game that most of the children hadn't come across before but they all listened well and enjoyed taking part within the game and asking lots of questions.
  • Sporthall Athletics , this activity involved standing long jump, chest push, shuttle runs, target throwing and speed bounce all of the children loved doing the different activities and even got to create one of their own stations to show to the whole group.
  • Dance, working with a local dance instructor the students worked together to create a dance routine. With reservation from some at the start this session certainly took the participants out of there comfort zone.

Throughout the two days the children cooperated with each other, played fairly and supported each other on learning new techniques and games. The children's motivation was outstanding and they all thoroughly enjoyed it, we hope to run another holiday session very soon!

Easter Gifted and Talented Camp Success

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