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Sports Crew Training details released for April 2015

Posted: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 13:21

Sports Crew Training details released for April 2015

The details of the South Northants and Daventry SSP 'Sports Crew' Leadership Day have been released for April 2015, with Change4Life taking an active role in the day to help provide schools with a greater opportunity to set up the healthy active lifestyles utilising student leadership.

The day, the second run by the Partnership following last year's successful event, provides primary schools within South Northants and Daventry with the opportunity to send 4 of their most talented leaders from Year 5 along to Moulton College to receive training in media, marketing and sports leadership,

Accompanied by a school adult, students will arrive at the high-quality facilities and will immediately receive their Sports Crew t-shirts before attending a short lecture about Sports Crews and their function within school. The children will go on to take part in one of the three workshops offered on the day, each of which children will have been put forward for by their school leaders.

Following on from last year's successful leadership training in multi-skills activities, the Partnership has themed the Sports Leaders Workshop around the Change4Life programme, where children will learn how to conduct and set up activities linked to the Change4Life Sports Clubs. Viewed highly by OfSTED, the Change4Life programme encourages children to take part in a fun, non competitive physical activities as part of a healthy active life. This also offers schools a great opportunity to engage their pupils is more structured lunchtime activities, which we have had increasing demand for.

The Media Workshop will give children the opportunity to look into how to report on the different activities taking place within their schools. Linked to the Sainsbury's School Games Mark, children will look at how to use podcasting as a way to report on events. They will look at the use of questions when interviewing and will be given practical opportunities to put these questions into practice during the day where they will take on the role of roaming reporter to report on the day's activities, before writing their own short report to then produce their own podcast.

The Marketing Workshop will allow children the opportunity to explore how to promote and market different events that are run by the Sports Crew within their school. They will produce their own School Sport display board and consider the vital information that needs to be included when using posters as a form of advertising.

The cost of the day to schools is £100 with each of the 4 children each receiving a Sports Crew t-shirt and each school receiving their own resource pack to support their Sports Crew back at school after the training.

In order to ensure provisions are made for as many of the Partnership's 95 primary schools, we are asking interested schools to 'Declare their Interest' in attending the event by filling in a few details. To do this, please follow the link below:


For more information about what the Sports Crew is and how it can make a difference to your school, please view the attachment for more information or contact David Hanson, School Sport Development Officer at dhanson@northamptonshire.gov.uk.

Sports Crew Training details released for April 2015

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