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Deaf Football Research

Posted: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 15:07

Deaf Football Research

Northants Football Association (NFA) , Northampton Town Football in the Community, and Northamptonshire Sport are working together to develop a Football club in the county specifically for people who are deaf.

As part of this development work they'd like to hear the views of potential participants regarding potential training dates, times, venues, and costs to sustain the club.

In order to do this they need as many Deaf people as possible who may be interested in training and playing for this club to complete the questionnaire that can be downloaded at the bottom of this article. If the potential player is unable to complete the questionnaire for some reason then it can be done on their behalf by a family member, or Carer.

As stated at the bottom of the questionnaire, when completed they need to be returned to Amber Wildgust (NFA Disability Development Officer) by Monday 12th January 2015. This can be done either by email to Amber.Wildgust@northantsfa.com or post to the NFA office at 9 Duncan Close, Redhouse Square, Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 6WL.

Following this consultation the partners involved will decide how to proceed with the project and promote any planned sessions in the new year with a possible start date in April 2015.

If people have any further questions regarding the questionnaire, or Deaf Football project in general then they need to contact Amber Wildgust either by email using the address provided above, or phone 07474 200720.

Deaf Football Research

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