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Daventry South Cluster go mad for Multi-Skills!

Posted: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 10:05

Daventry South Cluster go mad for Multi-Skills!

The Daventry South Cluster Multi Skills Festival for KS1 children was held at the Daventry Leisure Centre on 16th October.

The aim of the afternoon was to provide a range of non-sports specific activities to engage the children and improve their fundamental movement skills in a fun, challenging and enjoyable environment.

There was a surprise for the children when Blaze, the Northamptonshire School Games Mascot, made an appearance at the start of the afternoon to wish them good luck and have some photographs taken with the children.

Throughout the afternoon, the 54 children from Sywell, Brixworth and Moulton primary schools had the chance to participate in 7 different activities set up as stations around the sports hall.

These activities, with names like River Crossing, Grand Prix Qualifying, On the Mat, The Never Ending Relay Race, Monkey Munch, Clowning Around and Popping Pirates, are designed to not only provide the children with the technical skills, tactical knowledge and respect for rules that are required to play various games and sports but also help to develop their general fitness and personal confidence. Each activity lasted 5 minutes and at the sound of the whistle everyone had to stop, pull a silly face, put the equipment they were using back to the start and then move round to the next station. There was time for the children to complete 2 rotations around the hall. Each activity was supported by a Young Leader from Moulton School.

During each of the activities, the leaders were also looking for children to demonstrate 'Spirit of the Games' values. As a reward for showing Teamwork, Determination, Respect, Self-Belief, Honesty and Passion during their activities, each children was rewarded a unique sticker displaying this value. By the end of the afternoon, many children were decorated with many of these awards. All children were also presented with a certificate to signify they had completed all the challenges on the day.

Congratulations and well done to all the children who took part and represented their schools in these fun activities, demonstrating such great teamwork and enthusiasm throughout the afternoon.

Thank you to the parents and carers who came to support the children and watched from the gallery above. Plus a special thank you to the staff and the Young Leaders from Moulton Secondary School, who played such an important role in the delivery of this event.

Next week is the turn of the Daventry North Cluster to have a go and show what they can do!

Daventry South Cluster go mad for Multi-Skills!

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