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#TeamEngland Workplace Challenge

Posted: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 13:27

#TeamEngland Workplace Challenge

Workplace Challenge launches its alternative Commonwealth Games

Workplace Challenge is getting behind the momentum of the Commonwealth Games 2014 and kicking off its own #TeamEngland Workplace Challenge on 23rd July, encouraging deskbound workers everywhere to make a half year resolution to rise up from their swivel chairs and compete against fellow workplaces to gain a top position on the Workplace Challenge leaderboard.

On 23rd July, as the opening ceremony festivities begin in Glasgow, Workplace Challenge's electronic leaderboards will go live on www.workplacechallenge.org.uk marking the start of a four-week challenge designed to inspire workplaces to pledge their #CGresolutions and get active this summer.

The Workplace Challenge programme is funded by Sport England and is delivered by the County Sports Partnership Network and the British Heart Foundation Health at Work team, in collaboration with 34 County Sports Partnerships across the country. People (and workplaces) across the country are invited to log their physical activities on the Workplace Challenge website, clocking up activity points as they go on a quest to rise up the online leaderboard to secure the title of one the most active workplaces across England.

The challenge is launched just as more worrying statistics emerge connected to our inactive lifestyles. A report by the All-Party Commission on Physical Activity released last month set out a clear case for tackling what it calls 'the growing physical inactivity epidemic' in the UK. A survey by the cross-party group of politicians found we're less physically active today than ever in history and we're paying the price for this - £20 billion of costs and 37,000 premature deaths every year are connected to inactivity.

Lee Mason from the County Sports Partnership Network says:

"There is so much research out there telling us we lead the most sedentary lifestyles in history, yet we continue to sit at our computers for unhealthily long periods every day. The eight week challenge we ran in January through the Workplace Challenge website showed a healthy dose of competition and a nudge in the right direction are sometimes all we need to get active. We decided to launch a challenge this July to inspire people to make half year #CGresolutions on the back of the buzz around the Commonwealth Games."

Mike Diaper, Executive Director Community Sport from Sport England says:

"The Commonwealth Games will peak people's interest in sport again and it is our job to get as many people as possible out playing sport on a regular basis. The Workplace Challenge is a good opportunity to put into practice the inspiration gained from the athletes taking part in the Games, to improve their lifestyles, and use that motivation to create a sporting habit for life."

The campaign is also supported by the National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs) and a number of athletes, who are setting challenges during the four week period to encourage participation in the campaign.

Participants in the challenge are encouraged to share their #TeamEngland inspired #CGresolutions on social media. The aim is to open people's mind to trying new sports, using the 17 Commonwealth Games sporting categories Team England are competing in as inspiration. The challenge concludes at midnight on Saturday 16th August and winners will be announced shortly after.

#TeamEngland Workplace Challenge

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