About Indira

It is a great way to keep fit, stay active, healthy and improve your lifestyle. It gives you extra energy and boosts your morale. All round it helps improve your mental and physical wellbeing and fitness.

Since her children became independent, Indira is leading a more active lifestyle. Previously, Indira was working full-time and raising a family, making it difficult to find time for exercise. With more time available, Indira has qualified as a yoga teacher and acquired a level 3 *Otago certificate, she now teaches both activities to groups.

Throughout last autumn, Indira took part in Dostiyo's outdoor fitness classes and found them particularly beneficial during the pandemic. Being outside in the fresh air with other group members, was therapeutic both mentally and physically. Indira found that gyms are an expensive way to keep fit and remain healthy at her age. Instead, a group environment with shared activities is much better suited to her needs.

Since devoting more time to staying active Indira has noticed a big difference to her overall health, experiencing less pain in her joints. As well as easing aches and pains she feels more confident tackling physical challenges. In addition to the many benefits, staying mentally and physically active can help older people to remain independent - for Indira, this is just another advantage of an active lifestyle.

Indira can often be found online delivering Otago, yoga and keep fit.

About Dostiyo

Dostiyo, (meaning friendship in Urdu) is an Asian women and girls organisation providing advocacy, advice, information and support services in Northampton.

Prior to COVID-19 members attended twice-weekly classes. But during lockdown activities moved online. The new virtual class format played a vital role particularly for members with disabilities and mental health issues.

However, there were difficulties for some elderly members as they were not IT literate, which created extra work for the staff trying to help. Coupled with a shortage of funding, opportunities for some members to stay engaged with the group were becoming more restricted.

Through Sport England's 'Tackling Inequalities Fund' which is managed by Northamptonshire Sport, Dostiyo was able to offer weekly outdoor fitness classes in Abington and Croyland Parks. These continued until November 2020. For the group, the classes highlighted the benefits of spending time outside. They also proofed vital in supporting elderly members, as often language and cultural barriers can prevent them joining mainstream services.

For Dostiyo seeing elderly members being more active has been rewarding, particularly those aged over 85 years old.

For more information on Dostiyo email - info@dostiyo.org.uk

Or visit their Facebook pages: click - here

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