Click on each image to read the full interview. Thank you so much Kathryn, Susan, Carole, Claire, Meg, Katie, Lucy, Sabrina, Christine and Kathy for your profiles.

  • Day 1 - Kathryn Day 1 - Kathryn (PDF, 225 Kb)

    'I love being outdoors, I don't run with music, I like to take in my surroundings, be detached from the hustle and bustle of life. I love the way it makes me feel and I reckon a long run means you can eat more cake!"

  • Day 2 - Susan Day 2 - Susan (PDF, 218 Kb)

    'I get a real buzz out of achieving my goals, especially knowing that I have done it with a long-term health condition that leads many people to have a sedentary live. I find being active has allowed me to deal with my chronic back pain in a much more positive way"

  • Day 3 - Carole Day 3 - Carole (PDF, 211 Kb)

    "Being active not only brings me relief from my condition, but it also gives me the independence and freedom that I do not get in my everyday life"

  • Day 4 - Claire Day 4 - Claire (PDF, 216 Kb)

    "I enjoy how being active makes me feel, I could have had a bad day at work or be feeling under the weather but sport always makes me feel better. It lifts my spirits, lifts my mood and helps me to be more relaxed"

  • Day 5 - Meg Day 5 - Meg (PDF, 217 Kb)

    "It is a chance to have fresh air and feel independence. I had a serious accident and as a result sometimes have to use a wheelchair. I like the feeling of power when I am in control of a vessel because I am sailing the boat without any help from anyone else"

  • Day 6 - Katie Day 6 - Katie (PDF, 218 Kb)

    "My biggest challenge was when I was at school, I was having to balance my school and social life as well as trying to play hockey. I overcame this by thinking about what was most important to me at that moment in time - school and sport came first as exercising has many mental and physical benefits, which would also have a positive impact on my school work"

  • Day 7 - Lucy Day 7 - Lucy (PDF, 227 Kb)

    "I have always been active but after the birth of my two children, I found it difficult due to parenting commitments. I do however think being active is paramount to a healthy lifestyle and am keen that my kids witness their parents being active and see how enjoyable it is – hopefully it will rub off on them"

  • Sabrina Sabrina (PDF, 198 Kb)

    "It has made me feel accepted, I enjoy playing as part of a team and helping them win"

  • Christine and Kathy Christine And Kathy (PDF, 211 Kb)

    "We find that many people new to running need longer to reach being able to run 5K nonstop than the usual 'couch to 5K' but that doesn't matter; our favourite quote is "You're still lapping the person on the couch!"


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