"Just do it! It makes you feel so good and you feel like you have achieved something!"

I have a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, so I find it hard doing new things. But attending the exercise classes via Zoom from the comfort of my bedroom was great.

Although I am generally quite active, I have never done yoga or calisthenics before. Being able to do the classes that Peak Empower put on over lockdown gave me a chance to be more active at home. I felt really good to be doing the classes and felt better physically and mentally. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I've learnt lots of new yoga moves and feel much fitter and healthier. I always feel so much happier and positive after a class.

My parents say that I have developed a positive attitude towards fitness. They think it helps me with my anxiety.

Sometimes the thought of doing exercise can be daunting but it always makes you feel better afterwards and being fit is a great feeling and important to our wellbeing.

About Peak Empower

Peak Empower is a charity who believe in using a range of activities to help reduce social isolation. They promote the positive use of recreational activities to improve self-esteem, wellbeing & confidence in those that are socially isolated for a range of different reasons (for example for health, finance, age, gender, etc).

Through Sport England's 'Tackling Inequality' fund, managed by Northamptonshire Sport, Peak Empower were able to continue supporting socially isolated people during lockdown restrictions. Smaller, socially distanced group activities and online session were organised and helped to continue engagement.

During the winter months, Peak Empower has been inundated with requests for help, which has stretched resources. They have had to split themselves into an organisation that supports young people through online sports but also an organisation helping families who are on the breadline by supplying food and essentials. We have tried to combine these by offering the sports sessions to families struggling and also offering how to cook on a budget and grow your own food sessions.

Through funding and grants, the charity has helped over 4000 people in the last year. Currently, the team is running a wellbeing and job help services for people who have been unemployed due to COVID-19 or are on long term furlough. Also, family online sports sessions happen daily for young people who are currently home schooling. When lockdown starts to ease, Peak Empower's other projects will reopen, including - learning to ride a bike and also the 'Mother and Me' programme to help get mums and children healthy. Keep an eye on their website for updates.




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