Lockdown League

Get moving this lockdown and help crown your school as the most active in Northants!

The Lockdown League begins on Monday 11th January with 28 secondary schools across the county competing against each other to be crowned the most active school in Northants.

Lasting for a period of 5 weeks, the League will see schools take on each other in a series of group fixtures, logging as much physical activity as they can throughout each week to build up league points. After three weeks, we move onto the Semi Finals and Finals Weeks where schools will battle it out to be crowned the first Northants Lockdown League Champions.

How does it work?

It's really simple! Just be active in any way you can be! It may be walking the dog, going for a run with a parent or sibling or it could be a 10 minute online fitness video. They all count and you can submit as much activity as you complete!

If you are struggling for ideas, why not try some of the Virtual School Games challenges to help build those minutes up!

Once you have finished your activity, keep track of how many minutes you were active for and then log your it to your schools' total by completing the form below!

Schools will be logging any activity you complete in-school or as part of virtual lessons and sessions so don't worry about these!

Every Monday, we will announce the results of each fixture from the week before, update your league positions and kick off the next round of fixtures!

Sorry, this form is no longer available.

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