Inclusion 2020 is a Youth Sport Trust funded initiative which aims to enhance and increase opportunities for pupils with Special Educational Needs and disabilities to take part in sport. This is achieved by improving the quality and extending provision, increasing training, CPD courses and resources available, enabling and enhancing leadership and participation opportunities for SEND children across the county, both in Mainstream and Special schools.

Northamptonshire Sport works in Partnership with the lead school Friars Academy, and the County Inclusion Network Group, to develop and deliver the annual Inclusive PE and School Sports Programme of opportunities each year.

Over the past few years the Northamptonshire Inclusive PE and School Sport Programme has developed and increased, working in conjunction with schools, children and teachers to help to maximise the Inclusion 2020 Programme and offer additional specific opportunities to meet the needs of schools and children to improve and increase participation.

For further information about Inclusion in schools, contact:

Michelle Reeves

Michelle Reeves

School Sport Development Officer

Northamptonshire Sport

I look after Project Ability competitions and festivals in schools

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