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In-School Sports Leadership Training

In 2017/18, the School Sport Partnership began to utilise a number of Primary School Sports Crew Leaders to help deliver its Level 2 programme. This was a great success with the children showing great awareness and confidence equal to secondary school leaders utilised in the past.

On the back of this success , the SSP will be offering primary schools in the district the opportunity to take part in a number of sport-specific leadership workshops at their respective schools. These workshops have specifically been designed to give the children the opportunity to learn more about how to play the sport, how to instruct others and how to deliver a number of different competition or challenge formats.

Following this training, the young leaders are encouraged to put their training into practice in curriculum PE or at break and lunchtime. They should be able to support the delivery of Level 0 Personal Challenge activities or run/support Intra-School Level 1 competitions.

Leadership Courses Available

At present, the SSP is able to provide in-school leadership workshops for the following sports:

  • Arrows Archery
  • New Age Kurling
  • Tri Golf
  • Boccia

The cost of each workshop is £100 and lasts for a half-day, which can be delivered in either the morning or afternoon to a maximum of 30 pupils. Equipment and resources will be provided for the sessions but schools are encouraged to invest in their own to maximise the impact of the training. At the end of the training, each child will receive an achievement certificate.

If you would like more information about any of these courses or to make a booking enquiry, please contact David Hanson at david.hanson@firstforwellbeing.co.uk .


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