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The facts don't lie....

The Chief Medical Officer (Department for Health reviewed guidance Sept 2019) recommends 150 minutes moderate intensity activity (such as cycling or fast walking) each week for adults, along with strength and balance activities.

The guidelines also highlight the risks of inactivity and sedentary behaviour for health. Sitting for prolonged periods is harmful, even for those who achieve the recommended levels of Physical activity. The key messages are move more, sit less and any movement is better than none.

Local Public Health insight indicates that physical inactivity is the fourth leading behavioural risk factor for deaths in Northamptonshire and is associated with nearly 150 deaths a year. Research also shows that an inactive person spends 37% more days in hospital and visits the doctor 5.5% more times than an active person (Sari 2008). Physical activity has been proven to help and manage over 20 chronic conditions and diseases, and for those over the age of 50, who are physically active enjoy between 1.1 and 3.7 more "quality life years" than average (Heron & Bradshaw 2010).

Northamptonshire Sport offer lots of different activities to help adults get active, so why not have a look at the type of activities that are available, from walking and jogging to netball and rugby there's lots going on. Go on...Get Up, Get Out and Get Active!

Jog Northants
Jog Northants is a countywide programme aimed at helping beginners start jogging. We are proud to offer over 50 jogging groups throughout Northamptonshire to help those who are new to running, or have not exercised in a long time.

Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking is an enhancement of walking - by using specially designed walking poles and a taught technique. Nordic Walking provides a gentle but effective way to work the whole body. Northamptonshire Sport offer 4 week courses to help people learn how to Nordic Walk.

Falls Prevention - Get Up & Go
The new Get Up & Go activity sessions will provide strength and balance classes for Older People. Get Up & Go sessions will consist of a minimum of a 24 week programme prescribed and delivered by qualified OTAGO Exercise trained instructors. The Get Up & Go sessions are evidence based activity for the elderly that will support the development of core strength and balance.

Activity on Referral
Activity on Referral is a county wide scheme whereby GP's and Health Professionals can refer physically inactive people onto a tailor-made exercise programme to assist and support them to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Health Walks
Fun, free walks led by volunteer Walk Leaders, who guide each walks. Health Walks are part of a national initiative by Walking for Health which has been developed locally by the district's sports development teams.


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