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Dan Archibald

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American Flag Football Team based in Northampton, a no contact version of American football, all the fun with none of the injuries and big hit like the NFL

Northants Titans are Northampton's leading American flag football team

Flag football is just like full contact American football but instead of hard tackles players wear a flag belt and are tackled by taking their flag, while this doesn't provide the hard hits that you see in the NFL it does mean you can play a game and still go to work the next day (not always the case in full contact American football)

Flag football is a great form of exercise and you don't need to be at you physical peak to play (though you will be if you play constantly for 6 months), one of the Titans has lost 2 stone play flag football... Much more fun and a lot cheaper than a gym membership.

Flag football is incredibly easy to pick up and no sporting experience is needed as the coaches experienced national league players who can take you through basics and help you grow as a player.

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