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John Daly

About Far Cotton Amateur Boxing Club

Far Cotton Amateur Boxing Club is a friendly, hardworking gym where you can learn boxing skills, keep fit and have fun. Whether you want to box or just gain fitness we cater for all.

The inception of Far Cotton Amateur Boxing Club was back in September 2004, and was the 'brain child' and dream of head coach John Daly. This all just 4 years after he had endured an horrific and violent attack, in which he was left with life threatening injuries so bad that he was unable to fully return to work in his original chosen occupation ever again. John plotted, planned and thought through the idea of re-forming the 'Old Far Cotton Boys Boxing Club', at which he had attended himself as a child some 30 years earlier, and which he had seen its closure for nearly two decades previously.

With the help of several local friends and associates he set about forming a committee to assist him in the formation and running of the new club. He managed to negotiate the use of the club from the National Association of Boys club, with the promise that he would reignite its old appeal and attract both boys and girls to the club again, and more importantly, into the Boxing gym. By October of the same year the committee was fully formalised and the club had commenced regular training sessions, both on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

With its popularity clear and evident this then extended to Friday evenings, as well as Saturday mornings. Within six months Membership had reached 25, mainly young boys with a few young men, and soon afterwards John was providing training sessions on Sunday mornings too.

Within this period he managed to get 4 'carded' boxers ready to 'do battle', and the first fighters were lined up and ready for their respective bouts. Our first actual combatant was, Ashley Knowles, who was soon followed by Nathan Reeves and a further two more boys quickly took the step into the ring too.

Within the space of just 2 years we had built up a membership register of over 40 attendees, made up of about 15 carded boxers and 25 fitness training members, including some potential boxers.

Ashley Lane, who started his boxing career with us, after having suffered at the hands of bullies for several years as a child, and which left him with impeded speech and low self-esteem issues. He graduated to become one of our best and most dedicated boxers, resulting in him challenging for various National Amateur Titles, and eventually culminated in him turning professional in 2012.

Nathan Reeve was was our second amateur to turn professional. He boxed 10 rounds for an English title, he unfortunately lost on points.

More recently our amateur Drew Brown turned professional, he won his first pro fight in April.

The club has won various competitions since it was formed.

But more recently in 2015 we had 2 of our amateurs Morgan Bosley and Connor Downes win a gold medal in the Haringey cup.

Carl Fail won the youth national final champiomships and then went on to win the tri nations in 2015.

In 2016 Carl won the Elite ABA championships, and then won the tri nations as a senior.

He has boxed for England several times this season and now he has been selected to box and train with the Great Britain boxing team.

If you would like to join Far Cotton Amateur Boxing Club we have classes for newcomers:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 6-7pm, £5.

Once you are more experienced we will invite you to our higher level class; Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7-9pm £5.

We also offer a fitness class for those who do not wish to participate in boxing on a Tuesday and Thursday 7-8pm, and a Sunday 5-6pm.

We teach a self defense class for 6-10yr olds on a Saturday morning, 11am-12 £3.

Feel free to come and have a look around or call the head coach John on 07738608327 for more information.

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